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Believing is Achieving

Believing is Achieving The power of belief is an amazing thing that has led people to achieve some of the most remarkable feats to go down in history. The first step towards achieving your lifelong dreams is to believe that you can! Once you believe in yourself, you will find the determination and motivation to work tirelessly toward your goals. Anton Chekhov summed up the power of belief in a single line when he said>>>

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How do you make your dreams come true?

  How do you make your dreams come true? One of my favorite quotes is… “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” ~ George Eliot Just think about that for a moment. Ray Kroc started McDonald’s when he was 52. KFC was launched when Colonel Sanders was in his 60s. And just the other day, I read where a grandmother with 41 grandchildren graduated from college. How old was she? She>>>

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The 10 Rules for Achieving Success

  The 10 Rules for Achieving Success Success is the intentional, premeditated use of choice and decision. Unless you choose—with certainty—what it is you want, you accept table scraps by default! The world is plump with opportunity. With boldness and conviction, stick a fork into the goals you want by being decisive. You are born with great capabilities, but you will not achieve your potential until you call upon yourself to fulfill it. You will>>>

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