Mesmerising Owl Moments | BBC Earth


With the ability to fly silently and detect prey with stunning acuracy, owls are master arial predators. Enjoy this selection of owl moments taken from the BBC Earth library. Subscribe: Watch more: Planet Earth Blue Planet Planet Earth II Planet Dinosaur Welcome to BBC EARTH!>>>

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Deep Sea Diving For Food | Natural World: Penguins of The Antarctic | BBC Earth


Penguins have the ability to forage for food in the sub-temperature waters of the Antarctic, where Krill and other sea life have also found a home. But Penguins aren’t the only inhabitants here… Subscribe: Deep Sea Diving For Food | Natural World: Penguins of The Antarctic | BBC Earth>>>

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The Most Toxic Frog Has a Beautiful Singing Voice 🐸 Into the Wild Colombia | Smithsonian Channel


A male golden dart frog uses his unique singing ability to attract a mate. It’s hard to believe that such a melodic sound can come from one of the most toxic creatures in the world. But he has to earn the right to sing – by defeating all the rival>>>

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Rogue | Marvel 101


Without the capacity to control her mutant ability to absorb memories and powers, the young woman known as Rogue was once on a dark path. This week on Marvel 101, learn as Rogue finds a true path to becoming a hero and a leader among many teams. ► Subscribe to>>>

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In My Bathroom: Nam Vo’s Glowing Skin Protocol


Makeup artist Nam Vo isn’t just known for her ability to create radiant skin on her clients, it’s how she got her nickname: Nam Vo Glow. Using an expert selection of hydrating and reflective formulas, cleverly applied to flatter the face, her artistry is subtly impactful. For today’s episode of>>>

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The Ability of These Super People Is Unbelievable


The Ability of These Super People Is Unbelievable If you’re new, Subscribe! → For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Sources: Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure>>>

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Will We Be Able To Regenerate Parts Of Our Body? | Stem Cells | Spark


The ability to clone organs, reprogram DNA, and manipulate stem cells, was once thought to only be the storyline subjects of wild, science-fiction fantasy books and B-movies. However the recent advances in medical and scientific research are now proving stem cell therapy is on the cusp of becoming the most>>>

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Poor Dog Is Paralyzed From Neck Bite | Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet


Bella was bitten in her neck and lost the ability to walk on her left leg. Dr. Jeff and Dr. Petra Young think the bite wound could have hit a nerve causing her leg to become temporarily paralyzed. Stream Full Episodes of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet: Subscribe to>>>

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