6 Ways To Deal With Cold And Flu

6 WAYS TO DEAL WITH COLD AND FLU Colds and flu can cause discomfort and interfere with our daily routine. We can never evade it since they are highly contagious. Both are viral infections hence they have no cure yet. Flu presents more severe symptoms of cold. Consequently, both are normally confused. Get the vaccines. This is the very first step to contain them. Ensure that all your kids below six months are administered the>>>

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6 Tips To Answer MCQS

6 TIPS TO ANSWER MCQS Multiple choice questions are a form of test given to students to pick the most appropriate answer from several other statements. That sounds cheap but trickery. Especially when the negative marks are awarded. Check the following scenario, if given an exam covering 100 marks having 100 questions. You decide to answer 70 questions which you get 56 and you get 14 wrong, they have to be deducted from the 56.>>>

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6 Qualities to Make You the Most Confident One in the Room

6 Qualities to Make You the Most Confident One in the Room Are you comfortable in your own skin or do you squirm when you see large crowds of people? People that live life to the fullest, without a care in the world are the most happiest and confident in their skin. On the opposite, people that fear judgment lack confidence and self-esteem. If you had a choice, which one would you want to be.>>>

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6 Books about Thoughts You Should Read

6 Books about Thoughts You Should Read Try to block out your thoughts to make yourself stop thinking. Were you able to do it? Most of you won’t be able to keep their mind silent, as you probably found yourself thinking during the exercise, saying to yourself to “stop thinking,” or something along those lines to pause the stream of thoughts. Even when you are sleeping, your mind is thinking, and that’s where all sorts>>>

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How to Master Time in 6 Simple Steps

How to Master Time in 6 Simple Steps “Tick-tock, there goes the clock, how much time have we wasted today?” The popular nursery rhyme with a few minor additions speaks the dilemma we face when something needs to be completed pronto, but time is running short, leaving our stomach in knots. When you are squeezed in for time and the deadline is near, the pressure to complete it falls on your shoulders. Now, you are>>>

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6 Things about Attitude Your Boss Wants To Know

6 Things about Attitude Your Boss Wants To Know The boss is similar to a dictator. He or she has eyes everywhere, monitoring your performance and taking meticulous notes. One wrong move on your part can transform them into Dr. Jekyll, which often leads to the infamous words uttered by Donald Trump, “You’re Fired!” When they hold the power to fire you, they become your living nightmare. Therefore, it becomes important for you to be>>>

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