5 Ways You Could Be Murdering Your Creativity

5 WAYS YOU COULD BE MURDERING YOUR CREATIVITY Our brain has got the ability to think far and wide. Studies shows that we are born with excellent intelligence and that urge to experiment, explore and discover. However, as we grow up, this urge dwindles with time due to external factors that affect us. The environment we grow in contributes a lot. Taking huge percentage are the people that guard, educate or mentor us. When we have grown up though, the power to cultivate or grow our creativity depends on us. And we are supposed to let go the past that we didn’t have control over. Here are some of the things that we do/experience that can mercilessly kill our creativity. Limits/ competition Win-lose situation of any kind suppresses creativity. Why? Because it presents itself as there is only one that can win and all others are losers. That only one>>>

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