Real Life Stories about Heroic Disabled Pets

German Shepherd Dog in wheelchair ready to play ball

Life Stories about Disabled Pets

You have probably seen or heard a story of an owner leaving their pet at an animal shelter because they could no longer care for it because it was disabled. Don’t you think they deserve a happy life as well? Don’t you think they deserve to be surrounded by a family that loves them unconditionally? They do, but they are not as lucky as perfectly healthy pets. When their disability becomes too much for an owner to bear, they send them off to a shelter.

Most even get put down because the shelter needs to make space for the other animals. They are not adopted, they do not get a loving home—they get death. To encourage you not to buy from pet shops, but to adopt disabled pets instead, here are real life stories of disabled pets:

1.     Blind Cats and Dogs

You might not know straightway that you bought a puppy or a kitten that cannot see. Later on, you find out the reason your pet has been knocking over things. What do you do? You take them to a vet, care for them, and love them anyways. With time, your blind pet will learn to accommodate to its surroundings. You can help them adjust to their disability by not moving the furniture and padding any sharp edges that could pose as a danger to them.

The Story

Samuri, a blind dog, came to her owner’s aid when she collapsed because she had a stroke. Her dog dashed outside to alert a neighbor as to what had happened. If it were not for Samurai, the owner would not be alive today to tell the tale of her heroic blind dog.

2.     Deaf Dogs and Cats

Cats and dogs have supersonic hearing, meaning when they hear a pin drop or a rustle in the bushes, their ears stand up automatically sensing the direction the noise came from. When they lose their hearing and become deaf, it is devastating. Knowing that, they can learn to adapt to their environments, as their others senses become heightened. Deaf pets are an expert at reading body language and most can read the lips of their owner.

The Story

Bosco, a deaf dog, discovered that his owner had passed out. Bosco ran upstairs to get her roommate who then called the paramedics. Before, they did not think Bosco could serve as a good guard dog because of his disability, but they realized that he could. This is mainly because his bark is incredibly loud, as he cannot sense the rise in the level of his voice.

3.     Three-Legged Cats and Dogs

A sense of sadness might come over you when you see a three-legged dog or cat, but you should not be overcome with emotions. A three-legged cat or dog can do almost everything a four-legged cat and dog can do.

The Story

Maty is a three-legged dog that won awards and acclaim for displaying its athletic ability at competitions. Maty jumped over obstacles with one hind leg. Now, that is incredible. When Maty is not jumping obstacles, the dog is caring for abandoned kittens.

a home to a disabled or abandoned pet and they will show you how thankful they are for your kindness.


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