Put a Zip into your day EVERYDAY!



Put a Zip into your day EVERYDAY!

“My mother raised me with the practice of putting ‘a zip in the day.’

She said that’s when we make some fun happen.

Her idea was that instead of waiting for fun to happen, we could choose to make fun happen.

Nothing planned, just on the spur of the moment.

“ZIPS”  are sure to bring excitement into your day and help you live life to the fullest.


No matter what has ever happened in your life, there is a Power that is greater.

Call It God, call It Spirit, call It anything you choose, It is with you now. By this simple practice, you will find you have access to a dimension of being that heals hurts of the past and opens doors of possibility for your future.

The simplicity of the practice may cause you to dismiss it quickly without ever understanding it’s REAL POWER.

When you adopt her attitude that life is fun, and grasp the opportunity to make it so, you’ll discover that life will have so much more  depth and meaning!

This spontaneity could manifest if you decide to drive a different route or if you decide to stop and play in the park.

To put a zip in the day, you simply decide to do something that creates some fun in the day.

Try out her suggestion and learn how fun life can be when you PUT A ZIP IN YOUR DAY.


Put some zip in your day… TODAY

and have some extra fun in your life!


Author: Mary Morrissey

( Mary’s mother was Dorothy Manin author of “Put a Zip into your day”)



Here are a few ideas that may add Zip to your relationship.

1. Set your alarm clock earlier than usual, so that you can have time for coffee with your spouse, deviating from the hectic morning routine of an energy bar and a mug to go.

2.  Tuck a sweet message under your mate’s pillow offering up just a hint of the evening’s plan.

3. Engage in flirty texts to one another during the day in order to build anticipation of the quality time you’ll be spending together later on.

4. Send her flowers to work. Yes, ladies all their co-workers to ooh and ahh over the roses rather than just having them wilting away without an on the kitchen counter.

5. Pick out a cute gift such as a frame to put your favorite photo in, or even a poem dedicated to your beloved. Of course gents, if you are feeling generous, not too many woman will walk away from a bling filled gesture!

6. Make the dinner reservation at a meaningful place from your courtship such as your first date spot or where you first said “I love you”. Take time to turn back the clock and retell the stories about how you knew that the other was Mr. or Mrs. Right.

7. If there are kids in the equation, book a baby sitter in advance if you are planning on going out. If not, Feb. 14th may require two dinner seatings (one at 5:30p.m. with nuggets and fries followed by a table for two at 8p.m. just for you and your honey).

8. The ambiance of dinner can set the tone as you both finally have alone time. Include candles, mood lighting and a pact to only discuss uplifting topics (note: extended family and work issues are off the table). This romantic setting is the perfect backdrop for toasts of that your relationship is going strong.

9. Whether dining in or out, dessert is best served back home with a serenade of Barry White’s music and a tub full of bubbles equipped with champagne flutes to continue the toasting of your love.

10. As the two of you tuck in for the night, what could be more fun than sharing the map inside the lid of a Whitman’s sampler as it reveals the location of just the right sweet to fulfill your desires?

Author:  Monica Mandell

Here are a few ideas that may add Zip to your life 

Plan a cruise and then enjoy a Pre-Cruise Splurge

Why wait until you get onboard to start the celebrations? There are plenty of things you can do pre-cruise to make this vacation stand out from all others. Splurge on a new bathing suit, casual cruisewear or formal outfit to show off on the cruise so you’ve got something extra to look forward to. Or, upgrade your travel arrangements by flying first-class to your homeport, staying in a luxury hotel or spacious suite for a day or two before you board or hiring a limo to drive you to the port. These decadent moments will set the right mood for the rest of the holiday.

Carnival Imagination

Arrange a Surprise

Surprise your partner or family with of Champagne or chocolate-covered strawberries to enjoy.

Consider having flowers or a fruit basket waiting home on a random day.


Find Memorable Activities

Has your mom always wanted to eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe? Have your kids dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Is your husband itching to go fishing in Alaska? Make their dreams come true by doing some finding the perfect activities. It could be as simple as locating a beautiful, secluded beach or dining on pizza in Italy, or as elaborate as flying to the or going on safari in .

Turn Dinner Into an Event to Remember

There are many ways to elevate a simple meal into a memorable evening. Splurge on a night out in an upscale specialty restaurant ….. don’t skimp on the wine.

Order a cake to celebrate a special event or request ahead of time that the chef prepares your favorite dish or a special menu for your table. Most cruise lines are willing to accommodate special requests with advance notice, and we say it can’t hurt to ask.


Dress Up on Formal Night

We know that many cruisers balk at the thought of donning a gown or tuxedo just to have dinner on a cruise — not to mention schlepping all the extra luggage to the pier. But there’s something about getting all dolled up that can turn an ordinary evening into a night on the town. Maybe your sweetie will surprise you by asking you to dance in one of the lounges — like the exquisite ballrooms on Cunard’s three ships — or treating you to a cocktail at a top-of-ship bar where you’ll be seeing stars. Or, perhaps the sight of your significant other in his or her snazzy duds will elicit new sparks of romance (and maybe lead to an early evening, nudge-nudge, wink-wink)? It’s worth a try….


Treat Yourself (or Someone Else) to a Splurge

At least once, when you start thinking, “I’d really like to do that, but it’s a little expensive,” hush your inner accountant, and take the plunge. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try a hot stone massage or order a really fancy bottle of wine. Note the bejeweled bracelet your wife is eyeing or the piece of local artwork your dad has gravitated toward, and purchase it when her/his back is turned. Or, pick up a surprise gift . You don’t have to get carried away and completely override your budget, but a splurge or two on a special item or event is bound to make a lasting impression.

Plan a Fun Photo

Photos create lasting memories of your life and while candids can make wonderful shots, why leave it to chance? Some of the photos we’ve seen have involved families or travel groups planning their Kodak moments in advance. That could be as simple as getting a photographer to snap your photo when you’re all dolled up in your formal night attire. Print up group T-shirts or hats, and take a picture in your matching outfits.  And, if you don’t want to pay the high prices for professional pics, get a tripod for your camera, and take your own group shots.




WANT to Try Something New:-

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“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln quotes (American 16th US President (1861-65)