Personnel Picks: Motivational Penn State Quotes We Want Displayed Outdoors The BJC

The previous couple of months have actually been rough all around, however the Bryce Jordan Center’s assisted to keep spirits high in State College by displaying inspirational on the jumbotron outside the arena.

As part of this heartfelt gesture, the BJC has actually shared quotes like Garth Brooks’, “Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith.” While this is an iconic line the country star that has performed at Penn State on, it got us considering other significant slogans and words of knowledge.

Over the years, Penn Staters have actually shared many quotable moments. With that in mind, here are a few of our staffers’ choices for which ones we wish to see displayed outside the BJC.

Matt DiSanto: “That’s what we DO!”– Bo Nickal

If the Bryce Jordan Center really desires to buzz up the folks strolling down University Drive, there’s no much better way than plastering Bo Nickal’s words of knowledge on its sign. Nickal’s motto, which he notoriously uttered after beating Myles Martin in the 2018 NCAA finals, encourages to strive, take pride in themselves, and win nationwide titles like it’s no one’s organisation.

Whether ’re passing by the BJC on your method to class or heading to an occasion at the arena, catching a peek of Nickal’s wise words will certainly assist attain your goals. Like he famously stated, “ concern Penn State, win big matches, win group titles.”

Frankie Marzano: “Today, you have actually got a decision to make. You’re gon na get much better or you’re gon na get even worse, but you’re not gon na remain the exact same. Which will it be?”– Joe Paterno

I think this ties in well with whatever that is going on the planet today. Considering that all of us have additional time on our hands due to social distancing and shop closings, we should take advantage of every day that we have and benefit from this time off.

Will Pegler: “They say you’re allowed to conquer early obstacles, we’ve done that. It’s on YOU now, the Committee!”– James Franklin

After opening up the 2016 season with a 2-2 record, Penn State went on a nine-game tear that included a notorious win over then-No. 2 Ohio State and a Big Ten Champion victory over Wisconsin. Together with that dream season, I question numerous Nittany Lion fans forget James Franklin’s electrical post-game interview after the title game in Indianapolis.

Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt asked the head coach he thought Penn State should have to be in the College Football Playoff, and Franklin certainly didn’t mince his words. He called out the committee directly and provided a clear case as to his group deserved to be in the country’s top-four. While just a piece of the quote may fit on the BJC’s sign, the full statement can be read here:

“We simply won the most difficult conference in college football. We have actually won 9 directly. They say you’re allowed to overcome early problems, we’ve done that. It’s on YOU now, the Committee!”

For complete disclosure, the Nittany Lions ended up finishing the season at No. 5 and made a to the Rose Bowl. Ohio State (which lost to the Nittany Lions at the White Out) snuck into the Playoff at the No. 3 spot and got rolled by Clemson 31-0 in the Carnival Bowl.

Franklin’s passionate quote must be shown on the sign as inspiration for all Penn Staters to remain strong– even if the playoff committee will not recognize your effort.

Ryen Gailey: “Believe deep down in your you’re predestined to do fantastic things.”– Joe Paterno

I think this quote would fit perfectly on the BJC indication. It fully incorporates Penn State’s 6 core worths: integrity, regard, duty, discovery, excellence, and community. As Penn State trainees and members of the community, we have excellent possible and access to remarkable resources.

At the end of the day, a lot of what this university tries to teach trainees relates back to hard work and decision. And as Joe stated, if you believe you are predestined to do fantastic things, there are endless chances out there.

Additionally, this would be a great quote to show for professional athletes to read as they roll up to the arena. It’ll influence them to do great things … like kick Ohio State’s butt.

Sam Brungo: “They’re a lot of f * ckers.”– Bill O’Brien

After Penn State’s overtime victory over Wisconsin to liquidate the 2012 football season, head coach Costs O’Brien dropped the most famous line since “We Are.” After the video game, an ESPN reporter asked O’Brien how he had his team focus and secure the win, to which he replied: “They’re a lot of fuckers.” Instantly recognizing he had just dropped the f-bomb on national television, O’Brien attempted to cover his tracks by discussing his group’s combating spirit.

If O’Brien actually was trying to say “fighters,” publishing that on the BJC’s sign might help show assistance for those fighting the coronavirus or dealing with the frontlines.

Nevertheless, if O’Brien really indicated to say “fuckers,” it might be directed to those who go out without masks … or to the coronavirus itself.

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