I love this Doctor!!

Q: Doctor,  I’ve heard that  cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?  A: Your  heart is only good for so many beats, and that’s it…  don’t waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually.  Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that’s like saying you can extend  the life of your car by driving it faster.

Want to live longer? 
Take a  nap.  
Q: Should  I cut  down on meat and  eat more fruits and  vegetables?   A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies.  What does a cow eat?   Hay and corn.
And what are these?  Vegetables.  So a steak is nothing more  than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your  system.   
Need grain?    Eat chicken.    Beef is also a good source of field grass  (green leafy vegetable).
And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of  vegetable  products.  

Q: Should  I reduce my  alcohol intake?  

A:  No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Bottoms  up!  

Q: How  can I calculate my body/fat ratio?  

A: Well,  if you have a body and you have  fat, your ratio is one to one.  If you have two bodies, your  ratio is two to one, etc.  

Q: What  are some of  the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?  

A: Can’t  think of a single one, sorry.  My  philosophy is: No Pain…Good!

Q:  Aren’t  fried  foods bad for you?  

A:  YOU’RE NOT  LISTENING!!! …..  Foods are fried these days in  vegetable oil.
In fact,  they’re permeated in it.  How could getting more vegetables be bad for  you?  

 YOU'RE NOT  LISTENING!!! .....  Foods are fried these days in  vegetable oil. In fact,  they're permeated in it.  How could getting more vegetables be bad for  you?

Q:  Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the  middle?  

A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You  should only be  doing sit-ups if you want a bigger  stomach.  

Q:  Is chocolate bad for me?  

A:  Are you crazy? HELLO Cocoa beans ! Another vegetable!!! It’s the best feel-good food around!  

Q:  Is swimming good for your figure?  

A:  If  swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.  

Q:  Is getting in-shape important for my lifestyle?  

A:  Hey!  ‘Round’ is a shape!  

Well,  I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about food and diets.  

And  remember:

‘Life should  NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving  safely in an attractive and well preserved  body, but rather  to skid in sideways –  A glass of wine  in one  hand – chocolate in  the other – body thoroughly used up,  totally worn out and screaming ‘WOO  HOO, What a  Ride’


For  those of you who watch what you eat, here’s the final  word on nutrition and health. It’s a relief to know the  truth after all those conflicting nutritional  studies.  

1. The Japanese eat  very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans.

2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.  

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and  suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans.

4. The  Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.  

5. The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans.  


Eat and drink what you like. 

Speaking English is apparently what kills you……………………………!




“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.” ~ Mary Kay Ash   1915-2001,    Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics



My Reality Is Virtual!

My Reality Is Virtual!

My Reality Is Virtual!

Someone once quipped,

“A lot of my reality is virtual!”

Whether or not you can say the same thing today living on Twitter and Facebook…, I find it is true that a lot of my reality is the way I perceive it. Let me explain what I mean with a true story.

In the “Journal of the American Medical Association,” Dr. Paul Ruskin
demonstrated how our perception of reality (not actually what is going on,
but how we perceive it) determines how we feel about it.


"A lot of my reality is virtual!"

While teaching a class on the psychological aspects of aging, he read the following case to his students:

The patient neither speaks nor comprehends the spoken word. Sometimes she
babbles incoherently for hours on end.

She is disoriented about person, place, and time. She does, however, respond to her name. I have worked with her for the past six months, but she still shows complete disregard for her physical appearance and makes no effort to assist her own care.

She must be fed, bathed, and clothed by others.

Because she has no teeth, her food must be pureed. Her shirt is usually soiled from almost incessant drooling.

She does not walk. Her sleep pattern is erratic. Often she wakes in the middle
of the night, and her screaming awakens others.

Most of the time she is friendly and happy, but several times a day she gets quite agitated without apparent cause.

Then she wails until someone comes to comfort her.

After presenting the case, Dr. Ruskin asked his students (the majority of
whom had no interest at the present time to enter a care-giving profession)
how they would like caring for this person.

Most of them said they would not like it at all.

He then said that he believed he would especially enjoy it and thought that they might, also. He passed a picture of the patient around for his puzzled students to see. It was his six-month-old daughter!


He passed a picture of the patient around for his puzzled students to see. It was his six-month-old daughter!


Most of the students had already made up their minds that they would not like caring for such a patient.

But the age of the patient, rather than the actual duties, made the task seem fun and enjoyable! When they thought the task might be fun, they were positive about it, though their reaction just  moments before was quite negative.In other words, they made up their minds not to like something they might actually enjoy very much.

You and I have numerous tasks ahead. 

How will you look at them today?

As pleasant or unpleasant?

As chores or as fun?

When you think you may actually enjoy them — you probably will!

Author:- Steve Goodier



“I’ve got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”
~ Barack Obama

“You’ll seldom experience regret for anything that you’ve done. It is what you haven’t done that will torment you. The message, therefore, is clear. Do it! Develop an appreciation for the present moment. Seize every second of your life and savor it. Value your present moments. Using them up in any self-defeating ways means you’ve lost them forever.” 

~Wayne Dyer  Author and Speaker