Our Travelling Adventure


Our Travel Adventure

Includes Rusty & Bianca Wall’s Wedding Day

The Bejah family travelled to USA with an entourage and had a wonderful time. We flew into LA spent a day with a RV and a chauffeur visiting Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, HOLLYWOOD, Los Angeles, and the famous Farmers Market then onto Atlanta Georgia with Delta.

Los Angeles International Airport


Las Vegas Nevada

In Athens Georgia,… we managed to marry one of our daughters to an American…! A VERY SPECIAL DAY.. We are SO PROUD and happy for both of them! Rusty & Bianca Wall’s Wedding Day


One Month in the USA! 

We drove 4500 miles on land visiting 7 Southern States. Along our travels we saw just to name a few places.. Alabama, Tupelo Elvis’s birthplace, GRACELAND in Memphis, Dahlonega Georgia, Orlando Florida including Disney World and Universal Studio’s.



We went to both North and South Carolina, Skimmed past Nashville.. spent a day in Savannah, Louisiana and we went to the famous Cravin’ Catfish in SHERMAN Mississippi. On the way to Gatlinburg Tennessee, we saw the most beautiful picture perfect SNOW Mountain scenery in the GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS.


Went to the World’s LARGEST McDonald’s in ORLANDO Florida and toured the Home of world-wide corporation Coca-Cola in Atlanta. We thoroughly ENJOYED the Southern hospitality and felt right at home. As a family we all felt that we could live there! We will be back….. Next time we plan to travel on Route 66! Richard :0)




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