Never Give Up (Award Nominated Short Film) [Motivational/Inspirational Video]

Never Up is a , that focuses a who is suffering with a partial disability in his legs. The film explore this character’s struggle and his ability to cope with his limitations. An emotional connection with this character is what makes this film so gripping.

Never Give Up is a story of self determination. No matter what throws at , fight for your dreams. Greatness is not just for a chosen few, greatness is for everybody.

Directed & Starring: James David Gore
Assistant Direction by: Liam Crook
Cinematography by: Michael Mowbray
Written by: James David Gore
Scripted by: Liam Crook
Edited by: Michael Mowbray
Music Composed by: Rory Bell
Produced by: Michael Mowbray & James David Gore

A Special Thanks to:
Medway Community Healthcare
(MCH) [MCH ]
Medway Park
Sandra Mowbray
Ryan, Olly and Evie Wilkins

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