Mojave | Panasonic S1H V-Log 4k & time lapse

First little test shoot with my new Panasonic S1H. Shot in V-Log in 4k & some cropped 6k. Features both S1H & A7S night time lapse footage as I wanted to see how the S1H held up to my A7S for time lapse and specifically astrophotography. I shot this in January though so no Milky Way, just stars and clouds.

Shot on:
Panasonic S1H (and a bit of Sony A7S)
Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4
Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4
Canon L 24-105mm f/1.4

Cast: Arthur Cauty | Filmmaker

Tags: mojave, joshua tree, california, national park, panasonic s1h, s1h, astrophotography, night sky, v-log, time lapse, test, low light, 4k and footage



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