Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2014

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Merry & Happy Holidays 2014

Just a snippet of our families life in the past 12 months, California USA .. our trip to Shepherd Agricultural Mission Banbassa , to visit an orphanage + a holiday.

We went to 2 Weddings… My Daughter Ebony to Daniel (Connor) O’Connor in Las Vegas USA. Which included to Georgia, a road trip through several southern US States and a boat cruise to from New Orleans.

Blanche’s my wife’s niece Stephanie’s wedding in Malaysia  with a WONDERFUL trip with sightseeing around Singapore as well.

We also went to Spain, Portugal & Morocco as part of our around the trip

We travelled to Sydney twice, with many trips around our home state.



A Social Network Christmas

To add to the Christmas spirit I’ve included a few video’s with great Christmas ….

I do hope enjoy.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2014

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