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How to Manage your “ups and downs” to be successful

How to Manage your “ups and downs” to be successful

How to Manage your “ups and downs” to be successful

 Some days you feel like a million dollars and others you feel like something the cat dragged in.  Managing these ups and downs has got nothing to do with “the way you are” – the secrets to managing your moods may be in what you eat, when you eat it and how you exercise.

You can use your body’s natural drugs to help you feel good.  In a similar way, you can manage those times when you feel down.

To understand this you need a bit of theory.

The human brain consists of a network of cells called ‘neurons’ that communicate with one another via chemicals called ‘neurotransmitters’.  There are more than 40 neurotransmitters that regulate nerve functions, including memory, appetite, mood and the wake-sleep cycle. Among these neurotransmitters are adrenaline and serotonin.

The rush, bliss and the pits
Imagine you’ve been working on a major project and it’s all coming together.  You have great energy, your senses are highly tuned, eating and sleeping are occasional events and you love it.  This is the rush feeling.  It is caused by adrenaline, which allows you to push pain aside, handle many tasks at once and stay focused.

Chemical stimulants can also put you into an adrenaline state – cigarettes, coffee, red meat, speed and cocaine.  The last two are often the panacea for people in high-pressure jobs.  An alternative is to keep being busy – the classic workaholic syndrome.

Coming down from a high can be tough. Sometimes you end up in the pits.   We’ve all had this feeling after completing a major project. Instead of elation, you find yourself feeling empty and hollow.  But you can reduce the ‘roller coaster’ effect and ‘stay up’ naturally if you learn how to improve your body’s serotonin production system.

Serotonin produces the bliss feeling.  Imagine a fine day on the beach reading your favourite book, drinking a cold beer or chardonnay with someone you love – this is ‘bliss’.  How do we get more of this serotonin?


Eating mood buster foods will do it. 

Try the following:
• a skim milk banana smoothie
• a breakfast bar
• a cup of frozen berries
• a medium baked potato with salsa and cottage cheese
• half a cup of dried fruit

Don’t eat too much and in 20-30 minutes you’ll feel the difference.

Drinking water helps too.  It prevents dehydration, keeps the brain lubricated and stops the craving for sugary foods.  A full glass of water every hour will signal to your system that everything is OK.

Exercise can get you aroused or relaxed depending on what you do.  To increase your levels of serotonin you should stretch, do low impact aerobics or light weight lifting. The key is to keep it steady and not place too much excitement on your system.

A good diet and healthy living can keep your ‘up-beat’ chemistry firing and an efficient serotonin system can help you manage the inevitable ups and downs of life.  The best tip of all is to listen to your body and follow its signals.

Source   Aspirations Newsletter




”  If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results
you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”  
~ Tony Robbins


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