Making an Effort for a Better Tomorrow


Making an Effort for a Better Tomorrow

Making an effort for a better is imperative for each of us.

away from this responsibility does not make matters easier for us. It simply makes our life harder. Let’s read the following fables to get a clearer idea of what we’re talking about.

The Ant and the Grasshopper


The Ant and the Grasshopper

On a fine autumn day, a family of Ants was working relentlessly to dry out the grain that they had collected and stored during the summer season. Since, winter was looming over their heads just a few days away, the Ants wanted to prepare for it before it arrived and they would no longer be able to find food out in the open.

They had already done the difficult part of the job, collecting food in the hot and dry summer. All they needed to do now was prepare it for the approaching winter. On this beautiful day, a Grasshopper knocked at their door.

The Grasshopper had a fiddle under his arm. He humbly begged them to lend him some food since he was starving for days and could not find any food anywhere.

The Ants looked shocked at the request of the Grasshopper. They inquired about the reason for his starvation, “Haven’t you stored anything away for the winter? What were you doing this past summer?”

The Grasshopper whined in protest, “I could not find time to store food as I was busy making music all summer. I never realized when the summer came to an end.”

The Ants looked disgusted to hear those words from the Grasshopper. “Oh, making music, were you? Very well; now dance!”

The Ants retorted sarcastically and turned their backs to the Grasshopper resuming their own work.


Moral: You must always prepare for a better tomorrow. No one else will do it for you!


Slacking away when you should be working hard to create the future for yourself that you deserve will never lead you to comfort. It will always become a reason for disappointment and discomfort in your life, just like it did with the Grasshopper!


A Fox and a Cat

A Fox and a Cat

It’s clear that we have to work for a safer, brighter tomorrow. But how much effort are we talking about?

The following fable answers this important question.

A Fox and a Cat met in a forest.

The Fox bragged about his skills to the Cat, “I have a bag full of tricks that contains a hundred ways to escape from my enemies.”

The Cat shrugged. “I just have ONE way to escape my enemies but it usually works so I don’t any more tricks.”

Just at that moment, a pack of hounds came rushing towards them.

The Cat clambered up a nearby tree and hid itself from the approaching pack.

The Fox stood contemplating all the tricks that he possessed and thinking about which one to use. Before he could think of a good way to escape, the pack got to him and killed him.


Moral: SMART effort pay off a lot better than UNNECESSARY ones.



A Selection of Better Tomorrow Quotes

“Let us sacrifice our today so that our can have a better tomorrow.” ~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

“The future will be better tomorrow.” ~

“Above all, I strive to be the best I can – to be better than I was yesterday and better tomorrow.” ~

“I’ve never known a person focused on yesterday to have a better tomorrow.” ~ John C. Maxwell

“Oh, things always get better. Tomorrow will always be better. Just think about it . . . is there any time in history in which you’d rather than now?”  ~

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