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    •   Our FOCUS today… CHARACTER The word is SELDOM used in BIBLE We don’t see it very often in NEWSPAPERS or hear it on TV Yet we know what it means, and we immediately recognise its ABSENCE ATTRIBUTES that make up a PERSON of CHARACTER… Honesty Kindness Faithfulness Humility Compassion Courage Patience Self-Control Discipline These things (among many others) ultimately determine your CAPACITY in life CHARACTER is what I want EVERYBODY (that I do life with) ………to HAVE. But it’s not something I’m always willing to… pay the price to GAIN for Read More […]
    • How to Become Someone’s Inspiration Look back in your life so far and think if you have ever inspired someone to do something positive in his or her life. Have you? If you could not think of anyone who may have come up to you, thanking you for your support throughout his or her life, you have yet to achieve the highest satisfaction in life. The highest satisfaction in life is being someone’s inspiration, knowing that your influence and guidance played a vital role in their success. Do not feel glum about not becoming someone’s inspiration, as Read More […]
    • How to Explain Critical Thinking to a Five-Year-Old? Children as soon as they are born become fascinated with the world around them. Their five senses help them discover thousands of things and they learn to differentiate between a loved one’s warm embrace to feeling the cold floor on the soles of their feet. When they learn to speak, their curious nature takes hold. The environment around them enthralls their senses, enticing them to explore. The never-ending cycle of questions begins. Instead of being annoyed by their questions, take Read More […]
    •   10 Quick Tips About Faith Strong foundation. Faith is built on a strong foundation of salvation. You cannot practice faith when you don’t have any relationship with the giver of faith, Jesus. There is need for genuine repentance and salvation from sin.Faith is more than believing in God but how we constantly maintain our relationship with him through thick and thin without giving up. A lot of believers and Christians find it easy to serve God when the going is good but back off when situations become tough and the winds begin to blow on Read More […]
    • Wonderful Definitions   wonderful [-fəl]Use wonderful in a sentence adjective Wonderful is defined as an amazing, astonishing, excellent or enjoyable person, thing or event. An example of wonderful is watching a fireworks display; a wonderful experience. An example of wonderful is finding out you just won the lottery; a wonderful discovery. An example of wonderful is meeting your baby for the first time; a wonderful event. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Copyright © 2014 by LoveToKnow Corp Read More […]
    • Duck Or Chicken ???  “Quak, Quak, Quak” There is this couple who decided to take a walk in the park after a nice dinner. As they are walking, they heard the sound that goes, “Quak, Quak, Quak”. The lady goes, “That must be a chicken!”. The guy knowing that its not, goes,” No, that’s a duck!”. The lady goes, “NO!!! That’s a chicken!”. The guy patiently says to his lady, “No, darling. That is a duck. A duck goes quak quak, but a chicken goes chickadoo!!!”. The Read More […]
    •   THE OLDER CROWD   A distraught senior citizen Phoned her doctor’s office. ‘Is it true,’ she wanted to know, ‘that the medication You prescribed has to be taken For the rest of my life?’ ‘Yes, I’m afraid so,’ the doctor told her. There was a moment of  silence Before the senior lady replied, ‘I’m wondering, then, Just how serious is my condition Because this  prescription is marked ‘NO REPEATS’. *********************** An older gentleman was On the operating table Read More […]
    • Why You’re Failing at Character? Your flaws are what makes you unique and stand out. However, not all flaws should be flaunted or boasted about. Some flaws can use a little bit of improvement here and there. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to be perfect, because let’s face it, perfection is a façade. No one can achieve optimal perfection, but with a little practice, you can certainly get close to it. All it takes is for you to address your character flaws and find ways to improve on them. At times, it may frustrate you when they Read More […]
    • 10 Secrets About Hearing You Can Learn From TV Sitting close together during discussions can help reduce interferences and hearing Hearing loss can be prevented by sitting together during interactions. This will not only prevent hearing loss but also prevent undue shouting and screaming.The world we live in today is so complicated and polluted with various forms of noise that can impair hearing and in some degrees cause hearing loss. Often times, we hear people screaming to make a point while the hearer’s consistent reply is “pardon” Read More […]
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