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  •  1. Listen up

  • 2. Design of useful things


    3. Learning from failure

    4. A new view of nature


    5. Great talks about love


    6. Equality of all kinds


    7. The Most-Watched TEDTalks


    8. The road to peace


    9. Talks that will encourage you to talk to strangers


    10. Powerful talks about the quest for equality in the U.S.


    11. Befriending foes: setting aside traditional hostilities


    12. How technology is changing blindness


    13. How leaders inspire

    14. What does the future look like?


    15. The need to encourage entrepreneurship


    16. Spoken-word fireworks


    17. Best of TEDxTalks


    18. Adventures in mapping


    19. Ideas for healthier cities


    20. The dark side of data


    21. Unlikely collaborations – TED Talks that reach across fields


    22. Will drones save us or destroy us?


    23. Embrace your inner nerd


    24. The big picture


    25. Are we alone in the universe?


    26. TED@250


    27. How location impacts health


    28. Words, words, words


    29. Comedic Relief


    30. Great talks about talking


    31. Education ideas from unlikely places


    32. Everything you thought…was wrong


    33. Fascinating psych experiments


    34. Talks to give you wanderlust


    35. Mind-bending talks about biologically inspired art


    36. A strange phenomenon we all experience: consciousness


    37. Should we redesign humans?


    38. In the mood for love


    39. That’s absurd!


    40. Talks to cheer you up on a bad day


    41. Talks on beauty


    42. The wonders of patterns


    43. Great TED Talks for athletes


    44. The forecast calls for…


    45. All across the autism spectrum


    46. MOOCs 101


    47. The future of cars, planes and rockets


    48. The beauty — and difficulty — of being creative


    49. Maestros, if you please…!


    50. Talks to inspire TED Prize wishes


    51. Inspiring talks from TEDYouth


    52. Parents facing difficult circumstances with bravery


    53. When education is not a given


    54. Design giants


    55. GROSS!


    56. The world of tiny things


    57. Creatures from the deep


    58. Talks on animals that have bad reputations


    59. Talks that play with paper in fresh ways


    60. Teenage thinkers with big ideas for energy


    61. TED under 20


    62. Talks about memory


    63. Talks about China


    64. TED-ED


    65. Impressive kids


    66. Guys Night Out


    67. Talks for inspiring transformed curriculums


    68. Big ideas for our roadways


    69. Harnessing the power of bacteria for good


    70. Ken Robinson: Talks on education


    71. Fascinating talks from TEDWomen


    72. Talks that are perfect for procrastination


    73. Nobel Prize winners


    74. The beauty of the handmade


    75. Social Good, Inc.


    76. Incredible escapes


    77. Bikes


    78. Math talks to blow your mind


    79. Ancient clues


    80. Plantastic!


    81. Planes, trains and automobiles


    82. Great talks about cars


    83. Novel ways of thinking about epidemics


    84. TED videos all about beatboxing


    85. Smart talks for the government shutdown


    86. Look for the helpers


    87. Talks to watch for World Population Day


    88. If you liked Amy Webb, you’ll love…


    89. Growing your own food


    90. Thinking about extreme weather


    91. For kids


    92. TED in 3 minutes


    93. TED speakers who have won Oscars


    94. Unexpected lion stories


    95. Continent by continent, TEDGlobal talks

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TED TALKS.... Ideas worth spreading  LATEST 100 Highlighted Video & 200 Popular Uploads from TED

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