Break-Thru Generation Classic Early Editions

Break-Thru Generation Classic Early Editions

Mal Garvin’s GodSpot flashback’s

(Including Christmas Editions in red below)

Break-Thru Generation Classic Early Editions




Break-Thru Generation Classic Early Editions

Christmas Editions

13205-nativity-scene-1280x800-holiday-wallpaper (1)




Initially through his syndicated radio program. Breakthru Generation, and then later through 60 spots and a national talk-back program, Mal Garvin was one of Australian radio’s best known voices for over 40 years.

Now retired and focussed on writing,  Mal lives with his wife, Jenny in Hobart, Tasmania.

Mal is enjoying the opportunity afforded by podcasting to make available some of the thousands of programs that he and his team produced over more than four decades of his award winning programs.

His personal website is :


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