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    • Bad First Date Edition:  5 Surefire Ways to Make a Dash for the Door From the list of many first dates, one first date stands out. It stands out because it is a winner —A winner in bad first dates. That’s one story that most of us don’t want a do over for. You want to distant yourself from the night when your head began to pound, not from the drinks, but from the person sitting across from you who couldn’t shut his or her trap. At that time, you wished you knew a way to get out of that horrible date. Your wish was our command and we have got Read More […]
    • Try, Try Again In the famous Aesop fable, The Crow and The Pitcher, we are told that where there’s a will accompanied by practical intelligence, there’s a way. Once there was a thirsty crow. She had flown a long way looking for water to drink. Suddenly she saw a pitcher. She flew down and saw it held a little water, but it was so low in the pitcher that she cold not reach it. “But I must have that water,” she cried. “I am too weary to fly farther. What shall I do? I’ll tip the pitcher over.” She beat it with her wings, but it was too heavy. Read More […]
    • What Life Lessons Can You Learn from Harry Potter? When you step into the world of Harry Potter, your imagination takes over and you find yourself as a student in Hogwarts, the magical we all wanted to go to when we were young. In fact, like most diehard Harry Potter fans, you probably waiting anxiously for the letter from Hogwarts, only disappointing yourself when it didn’t. All we know is the people who grew up reading Harry Potter took away with them priceless entwined in the plot. Some of the lessons that Harry and his friends taught us Read More […]
    • Start the journey – Even the longest journey begins with a single step Walking expends energy. Energy expenditure helps to manage weight. Weight management helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol.  The principle is simple and the impact is conclusive – walking is good for your health. But how much do we need? There’s no “correct” answer to this question, suffice to say that more is better, up to a point.  By now we are all familiar with the fact that exercise has a positive impact on disease risk. Regular exercise reduces the Read More […]
    • DRIVING  REACTION  TIME  TEST   I know all of you are very good drivers, so here is a fun test to see how good your speed is! The automobile driving manual says the average driver’s reaction time is ..75 seconds or 1 car length for every 10 mph. Test your average reaction time. Be careful, this can be addictive! You will be surprised at how slow you really are.. JUST CLICK ON THE DART WHEN THE SHEEP STARTS TO RUN ….. THERE ARE 5 SHEEP  Read More […]
    • 10 Misconceptions Your Boss Has about Money From childhood, we are made to learn the importance of money and how indispensable she is. This is carried too far into adulthood as people struggle to make ends meet by working round the clock to get this money. With time, experiences of life coupled with wisdom have proven that there is more to life than just struggling to get money. Here are some misconceptions that my boss has about money: The quest for material things. My boss believes that a boss’ status of wealth is reflected through material Read More […]
    •   10 Quick Tips About Faith Strong foundation. Faith is built on a strong foundation of salvation. You cannot practice faith when you don’t have any relationship with the giver of faith, Jesus. There is need for genuine repentance and salvation from sin.Faith is more than believing in God but how we constantly maintain our relationship with him through thick and thin without giving up. A lot of believers and Christians find it easy to serve God when the going is good but back off when situations become tough and the winds begin to blow on Read More […]
    • The Disney Movies that Pulled Our Heart Strings The Disney movies that we have watched growing up made up a large part of our childhood. However, it would be unfair, if we said, “they did” because they still do. Most probably, you still anticipate the release of a new Disney movie, but in the fear that some will catch you bawling your eyes out a Disney movie or laughing until your tummy hurts, you take your kid sister, brother or cousin along with you. If you gallantly march into the theater without fearing who will catch you, we commend you Read More […]
    • 5 tips to make a Safe Purchase Online The rise of the internet and smart phones and smart computers has meant that things that seemed impossible a few years ago have become possible. Shopping which people went out to shops for has since been revolutionized into online shopping. Now customers have a choice, they can either go to shops physically to buy goods and products or they could sit back in the comforts of their home and make purchases online. While the latter is increasing in popularity over time, it does have certain security concerns Read More […]
    • Only 4%of Adults have bought a book  How are you coming with your home library? Do you need some good ammunition on why it’s so important to read?  The last time I checked the statistics…I think they indicated that only four percent of the adults in this country have bought a book within the past year. That’s dangerous. It’s extremely important that we keep ourselves in the top five or six percent. In one of the Monthly Letters from the Royal Bank of Canada it was pointed out that reading good books is not something to Read More […]
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