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    • The Benefits Of Prayers And Having Faith For many people, there is immense power in prayers and having faith. And while some people turn to the ever expensive drugs to help them cope with stress, anxiety, and depression, there are others who will pray and have faith that everything will turn out for the better. Here are a few reasons why prayers and having faith is important to some people: 1.     It Helps Reduce Stress Having faith and complete trust in God helps in lowering stress levels in daily lives. This is because an individual knows Read More […]
    • What A Perfect Landing Page Should Be Like There is a lot of competition out there and companies need to focus on crafting an absolutely brilliant landing page to crush that competition. You need a landing page that converts well, and here are a few pointers to do exactly that: Focus In Developing An Amazing Headline Your headline will be the main focus point of your landing page since everything begins from there. You would want your headline to gather attention, interest, as well as understanding from your audience. It should also be Read More […]
    •   Transition to a NEW Economy It’s Time to get our MOJO BACK! The world recently faced recession….., climate change, inequity and more,Tim Jackson delivers a piercing challenge to established economic principles, explaining how we might stop feeding the crises and start investing in our future.  About Tim Jackson: Economist Tim Jackson studies the links between lifestyle, societal values and the environment to question the primacy of economic growth.  Tim Jackson currently serves as the economics commissioner on the UK Read More […]
    • I Am / I shall live, love, laugh, & learn on my journey I Am / I shall live, love, laugh, & learn on my journey…… I am capable. I am worthwhile. I am beautiful. I am lovable. I shall accept both my strengths and my weaknesses for they are me. I shall never again believe the “lie” that if I make a mistake, I am a mistake. My mistakes are the learning tools that I shall encounter on my life journey. When I learn from my mistakes, I give them meaning When I give my mistakes meaning, I can begin to forgive myself, I Read More […]
    • How the History’s Most Hated People Taught Us about Life “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” ~ Winston Churchill Historical figures of the past have taught people several lessons about life, people, work, wisdom, and everything in between. In fact, our parents and grandparents might reflect on as historical figures to teach us a lesson about life. On top of your head, you can probably name a few do-gooders from history who have faced great challenges in life, but have overcome them. We ask; what have Read More […]
    • Learn more about Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem   To learn more about the science behind the film, see a list of citations. ACID TEST, a film produced by NRDC, was made to raise awareness about the largely unknown problem of ocean acidification, which poses a fundamental challenge to life in the seas and the health of the entire planet. Like global warming, ocean acidification stems from the increase of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Leading scientific experts on the Read More […]
    • 10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Character Character is synonymous with moral strength and integrity. She is that way of life that makes relating with people easy. She is the quality of behavior exhibited by an individual that differentiates him or her from the other people around. She is the only virtue that cannot be stolen from a person. We shall consider the reasons why character is so important and indispensable. Character makes she possible for people to believe in you no matter the situation because you are known to stand on what you Read More […]
    • The Stranger A quite a few years before I was born, my Dad met The stranger who was new to our small town. From the beginning, Dad was fascinated with this enchanting newcomer and soon invited him to live with our family.   The stranger was quickly accepted and was around from then on.   As I grew up, I never questioned his place in my family.   In my young mind, he had a special niche. My parents were complementary instructors: Mom taught me *good from evil,* and Dad taught me *to obey.*   But the stranger… He was our storyteller.   He Read More […]
    • 11 Lessons The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Happiness The Simpsons, the longest running sitcom on television, has twenty-six seasons under its belt. Each year, new generations of children become fans of the popular cartoon show. Homer’s rants, Bart’s antics, Lisa’s goody-two-shoes behavior, Marge’s sensibility, and Maggie’s cuteness make people laugh. Hidden behind the wise cracking jokes and the sassy remarks is a lesson. Here are the eleven lessons the Simpson family is trying to tell us: 1.     Your Family is Your Family, No Matter How Weird Read More […]
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