King penguin encounter on Southern Tasmania beach a rare sight, professionals state

A king penguin has actually been found more than a thousand kilometres from its home on a southern Tasmanian beach, but a wildlife expert says it might not be lost.Key points: It is thought to be only the third king penguin sighting on Australian coasts in 15 years.

The closest king penguin nest is on Macquarie Island, about 1,500 kilometres south of Hobart.Marine Conservation Program wildlife officer Dr Julie McInnes stated the sighting at 7 Mile Beach was amazing.”Dr McInnes said it was not clear if the bird was lost– it may have come ashore to rest after a big fishing trip, or was undergoing its annual moult.

Penguin ‘fat and healthy’Dr McInnes stated penguins underwent what is understood as a ‘devastating moult’, where they come ashore to lose all their feathers over a couple of weeks.”

It looks like quite a fat penguin which is constantly nice,”Dr McInnes said.She stated outside the breeding season penguins would swim well away from colonies in search of food, and did not require to moult at their base.King penguins are the second biggest penguin species.If moulting, the penguin may be in the area for numerous weeks, Dr McInnes said.


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