Into the Night: Can the Sun Really Eliminate Life On Earth?

How often do you see a work of fiction where it challenges the conventions that you are familiar with? Today, let’s talk about one of Netflix’s newest series fitting this description, Into The Night!
Can the Sun Really Eliminate Life on Earth?

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Have you ever noticed how in a lot of movies or TV series that are of the horror variety, a lot of the elements that move the plot are in the dark or attack during night time?

Be it a monster, a ghost, an evil entity, a crazy psychopath k*ller, all these elements become a billion times scarier when combined properly with a pitch black atmosphere and various other elements, like sound and the jump scare factor.

Oh and by the way, if you feel like saying “pshh, the dark doesn’t scare me”. Well, I would say you’re lying. According to science, it is in our nature to be scared of the dark due to the absence of visual clues that leads to a feeling of our survival being threatened. So, take off your tough guy attitude, my friend. It’s perfectly natural to be scared.

In May of 2020, Netflix released a new Belgian TV Series entitled Into The Night, and it definitely challenges that trope that we described earlier. Instead of running away from the darkness, the characters in the show are rather chasing it and wanting to go towards it!

? Well, let me tell you a bit of a summary for the show for a bit. Spoiler free of course!

So Into The Night tackles some kind of a weird apocalyptic Earth, where everybody is trying to run away from the Sun.

Yes, you heard that right. Instead of running away to day time to essentially weaken or fight the forces that are pursuing them, the protagonists of Into The Night are instead dedicating all of their energies to escape it. Everyone is trying to run westwards just so that they could escape the rising sun.

What exactly are they running away from? Well, for some strange reason, our friendly sunshine has suddenly turned into a terrorizing dea*h ray. In the show, a lot of fresh produce has become useless due to the effects of the sun. Even plane fuels are becoming unusable, which is one of the main driving elements of the plot, by the way, since the story revolves around a group of just trying to go someplace safe. Practically, everything that’s carbon based is in harm’s way.

But the most important point of the show is the fact that everybody who gets exposed to the sun dies. And they don’t just simply die. On the outside, the corpses looked pretty normal, but when they investigated the insides of the victims, they saw that they are fried to a crisp.

I know at this point, the solution you have in mind is “wouldn’t staying at home solve the problem for them? What’s the big deal?”

That’s one of the biggest catches of the show! Nobody could hide in any safe place. Whether at home, in a bus, the radiation of the sun can get you. In fact, there was a part where at the hospital, people tried to cover the windows with black garbage bags, but that doesn’t work either.

Who thought that daytimes could get this scary?

But I bet that’s not what interested you the most about that short summary, didn’t it? I mean all of us that’s gathered here are fans of science. Naturally, what we’re interested to know is how accurate is the science here? Are we really ever going to arrive at a point where the sun, the source of all of the energy that helps us and survive will become our number one enemy?

One hypothesis that was mentioned in the movie was that the sun’s rays might have turned to highly ionized gamma rays which resulted from the star’s polarity switching.

Now, let’s focus on those two points: the gamma radiation event, and the sun’s polarity switch.

Let’s start with the first one. Sounds pretty scary, right? But what exactly happens to us humans if ever we experience a highly ionized radiation event?

Before you start panicking about radiation, I think it’s best to know that not all kinds of radiation can harm us humans. I mean, a lot of advances in medicine are accomplished through the help of nuclear physics, like the x-ray, CT Scans and MRI, Mammograms, to name a few. At the right dosages, these things are nothing to be afraid of. Those memes going around social media about how your mobile phone can k*ill you with radiation has a really weak foundation.

So the next question is, when does radiation become harmful to us humans?

We measure this quantity in terms of Joule per kilogram, or the effective radiation deposited per unit mass. For the sake of the video, and since saying Joule per kilogram seems to be a lot of effort, let’s just pertain to the single-unit of it named Gray.

In the medical procedures we mentioned earlier, like x-rays and CT scans, the level of radiation used is only at the microGray and milliGray levels.

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