I’m buying a GT Black Series! Spec it with me!

Welcome back to RBR guys, and as the title , today years and years of buying AMG AMG, I’ve just confirmed my first allocation for the new #AMG GT #blackseries! And today we’re going to spec it together!

Big thanks to LMM Design on Instagram for assisting with the 3D Model Shape for the GT Black! It allowed me to get the shape perfect before doing my usual RBR effects and texturing the car for realism. First time we’ve worked together and to see more from him in the , follow him on instagram to see his work, or commission him to render your cars! – https://www.instagram.com/lmm23design/

I’m feeling super excited, and very lucky to get an allocation, though luck is maybe a little bit unfair to say, rather my loyalty and history has been rewarded by MBUK. My history with the GT is so rich it’s more accurate to call me Mr AMG GT, after all this will be my 8th AMG GT!! Which is pretty ridiculous. Imagine VS someone has owned a dozen 911’s over the generations, the different eras make sense. But there’s only been one generation of the C190 GT. lol. It’s not a flex, but just a true reflection of my slightly illogical AMG addiction.

The journey really began with the SLS, the father of the GT and first car #MercedesAMG made from scratch. I had two of these at different times, the first was AMG Le Mans red and porcelain interior, The second was the coolest car spec I’ve ever had, liquid Alubeam silver..

The SLS proved to me what the Affalterbach kids can do from scratch. So getting the first C190, the GT S was a no brainer. Mine was magno iridium silver with tan leather, owned over 2 years and used pretty much every day, it had Supercar presence and sound. I briefly also had an Edition 1 GT S after this, fixed spec with aero. Though I much preferred the standard.

Then came the Beast of the Green Hell, saw the crazy launch with Tobias Moers and Lewis Hamilton. Again with the R, I had it for over two years and was my go to car. Nothing has ever sounded or drove like it did! During the R ownership though, came 50 years of AMG, and they celebrated it with a new model: the GT C edition 50 limited run in Coupé and roadsters. I bought both, stupid I know. It was so close to the R in performance and really made no sense to have them. But I did, and drove the Coupé straight to Affalterbach during the AMG Roadtrip filmed on the Mercedes YouTube channel! Link Below. Roadster was cool in the summer too.

Then the GT 4 door: again 15k miles covered, driven to AMG, loved to pieces!! The Pro came shortly after, for me biggest honour ever being the first to film the 2 door Gt factory AND see my own freaking car built, even got to sign the torque tube. Link below.

And now. The Black! It’ll Join my C63 black series, but it’s my first from new car from the dark side of AMG. So how do we spec this monster? There’s not a lot of options so Let’s use our usual RBR VFX and spec the car together!

– My SLS AMG specs
– AMG GT S “AMG Hammer”
– AMG GT S Edition 1
– GT C Edition 50 Coupe and Roadster
– AMG GT 4 Door – GT63S
– AMG GT R Pro
– Specing the Black – official via brochure
– Launch Colour – Magmabeam Orange
– Other colours: Magno green hell, Magno blue, Obsidian black, Magno graphite grey, Diamond White, High tech silver, Magno selenite, Selenite grey
– GT BS Interior
– Comfort Pack or Track Pack?
– Peelable paint with Fastlane Paint and Body
– Solarbeam Yellow, AMG Electric beam, Dark British racing green
– The GT Black Series P One “AMG ONE” Edition

See all the GT Videos mentioned below:

GT R Collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8HQD3XaNoc
GT C Edition 50 Collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR4eecerPQ8
Mercedes AMG Roadtrip Official MB Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVcB3hwcQjg
GT 4 Door: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSk-CI3AiVM
GT R PRO Factory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV7cYfsNOrw
GT Black Series First look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6Y0_tNjBnk

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