How to Survive the World as a Single Dad

How to Survive the World as a Single Dad

How to Survive the World as a Single Dad

As a single dad, you have the hardest job in the world of dealing with a small child on everyday basis. This is also for those dads who have lost their wives, are divorced, but have full custody of their kids or are divorced, but have joint custody of their kids with their ex-wife. In all of those scenarios, one thing is true that they cannot cast away the responsibility of looking after their kids to someone else, but will have to step up and take charge of the situation.

In the beginning, caring for their small children will seem like a game of life that they can never beat, but with practice, it will get easier. If you are a single dad and wondering how you will look after your children, here are some tips you need to follow:

1.     Stay Organized

You need to learn to clean up after your mess because if you do not, your kids will follow suit and the next thing you know you will be living in a pigpen. You need to get in the habit of stocking up the pantry with food, cooking meals for your hungry wee ones, and cleaning up the house.

2.     Ask for Help

If you cannot handle all the responsibility yourself, ask for help. If your parents live near you, ask them to lend you a hand. You can even ask your sister, brother, or best friend to help you care for your child.

When the duty of caring for your child is thrown upon you suddenly, you will have to have someone to show you the ropes, preferably someone with experience. If someone offers to help you out, graciously take his or her offer, as during this time, you can use as much help as you can get.

3.     Learn from Other Single Dads Like You

Search for groups dedicated to helping single parents master the skills of parenting a child. If a group like that exists in your area, sign up, as talking to another person in the same situation as you will help you become a better and more efficient parent. If you cannot find a group, take your child to the playground. At the playground, you may be able to strike up a conversation wither another single dad.

4.     It is Okay Not to Know Everything (that’s why there is Google!)

You will fail and you will mess up, but that should not be a reason to deem yourself as a bad parent. Learn from your parenting failures instead of beating yourself up over it, thinking how you could be so irresponsible.

You will no longer have time for yourself when you become a single parent, as you will have to dedicate your day and night to your kid, until they are able to take care of themselves. For now, you have to leave behind your beer drinking and partying ways to wear the apron and the chef’s hat.


“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” ~ Jim Valvano


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“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” ~ Jim Valvano

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