Harvard Prof: Deep Space Signal May Be From Alien Civilization

Earlier this month, Canadian scientists announced they ‘d discovered an effective radio signal, emanating from a far-off galaxy in bursts every 16 days.

And Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard University’s astronomy department, informed Futurism this week that he thinks one possibility is that the signals are coming from an alien civilization.

To be clear, Loeb also acknowledged that the signals– “fast radio bursts,” or FRBs– might be produced by young neutron stars called magnetars, or by another, yet-undiscovered natural phenomenon.

“But at the moment we do not have a smoking cigarettes weapon that clearly indicates the nature of FRBs,” he wrote in an e-mail. “So all possibilities should be considered, consisting of an artificial origin.”

One concrete possibility, he stated, is an extraterrestrial civilization utilizing a beam of energy to move freight through area– which the Canadian scientists choosing up radiation leaking far from it.

Loeb explained that he previously examined that principle in a 2017 paper, however, and discovered that the energy needed to move freight with energy beams would be definitely shocking. He stated, such a beam would need about as much energy as the whole of sunshine that hits the Earth.

“This would need a substantial engineering project, even more enthusiastic than we currently have on Earth,” he wrote. “So the primary technological obstacle remains in the big power that the radio beam need [s] to bring.”

The Canadian scientists themselves acknowledged, in a followup news release about the findings, that “non-professionals have actually recommended they are messages from aliens.”

Loeb, however, thinks the possibility is worth seriously considering– in addition, of course, to natural causes. He also mentioned that various FRBs could possibly be triggered by different phenomena.

This isn’t the very first SETI story Loeb has actually waded into. In 2018, for instance, he recommended that the interstellar item ‘Oumuama might be an alien probe.

“A sophisticated technological civilization is a great approximation to God,” he at the time. “Expect you took a mobile phone and showed it to a caveperson. The caveperson would say it was a great rock. The caveperson is utilized to rocks. Now envision this item– ‘Oumuamua– being the iPhone and us being the cavern individuals.”

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