Grindelwald Walk

Grindelwald Walk

Grindelwald Walk

Taking our dogs on our regular local walk. Grindelwald Resort boasts World Class facilities in arguably Tasmania’s most exclusive and exotic suburb.

The resort is set on over 150 magnificent acres amid numerous spectacular lakes with breathtaking views and fosters an engaging timeless ambience rarely found.

The Grindelwald Swiss Shopping Village just down the road is located on the grounds at Tamar Valley Resort and is open to the public every day of the week from 9am.


Here you will find local arts, craft shops, souvenir shops, chocolate shop, ice creamery, village bakery, news agency, general store, electronic games arcade, golf shop, mini golf & much more.

When you visit Tasmania (In Australia) don’t forget to include a visit to Grindelwald, and if inclined stay a few nights.


“Living in Grindelwald is like having a Sunday….. every day!” 
~ Richard Bejah



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