Give Respect to Earn Respect

Give Respect to Earn Respect

Give Respect to Earn Respect

Once upon a time, a mighty lioness lived in a jungle. The lioness was feared by all the animals. The giraffes would run at the sight of the lioness, zebra and antelope would gallop at her name and even snappy crocodiles steer clear of her.

One day, a tiny mouse was running in the tall grass of the jungle when he bumped into the lioness. She was sleeping and immediately woke up when she felt something tickling her nose. The mouse has accidentally scampered onto her face!

The lioness roared in anger, “How dare you!” and was about to swipe the mouse with a deadly blow when he begged, “My mighty queen, forgive me! I was running through the tall grass, searching for scraps to eat, I did not see you. I never meant to run onto your nose and disturb your sleep.”

The lioness realized that the mouse has made an honest mistake. She smiled at him and said, “Don’t be afraid, little fellow. I surely would not have forgiven you if you dared to do this on purpose but everyone makes mistakes once in a while. It’s alright. Run along now!”

“Oh, thank you, my queen. I hope that one day I can be of great assistance to you” The lioness laughed for how could a little mouse help the mighty queen.

Weeks went by and the lioness forgot about the mouse. One day she was out for a stroll when suddenly the ground beneath her feet collapsed. She has fallen into a trap! The lioness tried to jump out but she was tangled in a net. The more she struggled, the more tangled it became. She tried all night to escape but alas, it was of no use.

The lioness knew that her end was near because the hunters would come in the morning to check the traps. She has given up all hope when, just before dawn, she heard a little voice, “My queen” it said, “Finally I can be of service to you!” The lioness looked up in surprise and was delighted to see the same mouse that has bumped into her a long time ago.

The tiny mouse got to work at once, he started to gnaw through the net and the lioness was free within minutes. She thanked the mouse for saving her life but then said, “All the animals are scared of me. Most of them would have been happy if the hunters got me, but you went out of your way to save my life! Why did you do it?”

The little mouse replied, “My queen, I am also scared of you but that day when you forgave me and treated me with respect, you earned my respect in return! I became your loyal subject. I would not have helped you if I was only scared of you but your kindness has earned my respect. I couldn’t let the hunters get you.”

It is said that after that day, the lioness and the mouse became good friends and always helped each other out.

This story teaches us a lesson about human behavior. Everyone wants to be respected but you must be willing to give respect first because that’s the only way to earn it. So, never be disrespectful and value not only people but also their opinions.

A Selection of Respect Quotes

“Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.” ~ Mona Sutphen

“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.” ~ Bruce Lee

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” ~ Bryant H. McGill

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