Get Back on Track! Develop exercise routines & eating habits

Get Back on Track! Develop exercise routines & eating habits

Get Back on Track! Develop exercise routines & eating habits

Get Back on Track! Develop exercise routines & eating habits. Ahh, holidays, sun, surf, backyard cricket. ’d think all that extra activity whether it’s at the beach or in the bush would expend more energy than a day in the office and would help you to lose weight.  Well that would be true, were it not for the obvious glitch in the logic – the additional and drink consumed will normally more than make up for any extra energy expenditure we might get. 

In fact a study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Diseases, showed that tend to gain about 1.5 kg during the “festive season” and take about 1.0 kg off over the subsequent months.  The net result – half a kilogram of weight gain per annum (roughly the amount Australian’s have been gaining for the past 20 years!).

So now’s a time to look at preventing that post holiday’s bulge! Your strategy should revolve around two old favourites – eat well and keep fit.

Most people have a fair idea of what’s required to eat well and keep fit, however the following tips may help to make sure you can develop a healthy routine.

Tips for developing good exercise routines and eating habits

Set goals:; 2 & 5 (two pieces of fruit and five serves of vegetables per day), 10,000 steps per day (using a pedometer).

Make it fun:; Dancing, Golf, Hiking, learn to make sushi, experiment with herbs, spices and cuisines.

Vary the routine:; Try to develop a few activities that you can do in winter and summer, no matter where you are, such as walking, stretching and exercises using weights. Avoid the same boring meal each night; remember, variety is the spice of life.

Remind yourself of the benefits:; you invest time and energy, but the return on the investment is look good, feel good, more energy, live longer, sleep better … not a bad list for starters!

Reward yourself:; you’ve done well! Your old jeans fit again – reward yourself with a top to match. You ran an extra kilometre – get a massage!

Get a Buddy:; find a friend or member who is willing to be your workout partner. Choose someone with similar goals and motivate each other when you feel like giving up, you are much more likely to turn up if you know a friend is relying on you.

Walk everywhere:; Leave the car behind when going to get a video, a newspaper, or anywhere close. If you drive your car to work or the station, park it a 10-minute walk away to ensure 20 minutes of walking each day.

When in doubt, leave it out:; if you think that food you’re about to eat may be fattening or unhealthy, put it down and pick up what you’re sure is good for you. Don’t go back for seconds. Read food labels carefully and try not to eat too many processed foods.

Keep a Journal:; If you write down what you did (or didn’t) do each day, you’ll be less likely to cheat or skip workouts. Keep your weights, measurements, and distances logged and look over them once a month to check your progress.

Whilst the holiday period is a time for fun and enjoyment with family and friends, it is also an opportunity to sit back and assess what is important in your life. Once you know where you to go, use the time to develop a plan and routine to get there.

Source John Hall Rn,, MPH
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Source   Aspirations Newsletter



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