Celebration…. Future Hope School opening

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Celebration…. Future Hope School opening


Have a look at ’s future. A school… Future Hope School opening in one of the most unlikely places. comes to the most vulnerable in Cibitoke Burundi central Africa.

The pounding of drums thundered across the yard, as the traditional Burundian drummers leapt and spun in the air with boundless energy, their vivid red, white and green outfits fluttering in the breeze. The clapped and cheered, caught up in the excitement and celebration of the event. and drink was served, and a great time was had by all. Earlier that day, Future Hope School, Cibitoke had been officially opened by Ted Bosveld from Villages of Life, Australia. The ribbon stretched across the entrance had been cut, allowing honoured guests, parents, and important officials to tour the new school. From the shiny new classrooms to the suite, it was amazing to see the new opportunities that Future Hope School, Cibitoke would bring to pupils from the local area.


The children themselves performed speeches and songs that they had already learned in less than a month at school, which greatly impressed everyone watching. The parents’ representative gave a speech, expressing how happy the parents were that their children would get to learn English and computer studies, subjects that are rarely offered in



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“Where there is love there is no darkness.” ~Burundian proverb.”