From Hocus Pocus to Hamilton, These 17 Movie-Themed Dinner Menus Noise Completely Delicious

Hunkering down at house with some blankets, snacks, and classic movies is the finest. From traveling to Hogwarts and getting lost on the planet of Harry Potter to cracking up at Monsters, Inc.‘s Mike Wazowski or tearing up while singing along to Coco‘s “Remember Me,” good movies always make you feel something. However what if there was a way to bring that magic into your real life? Great news – there is! Movie-themed dinners are the ideal thing to take your at-home dining experience up a notch, and it all starts with a menu.

Rachel Friedman and Kelle Rhodes from Good Friend Like Me Travel Co. lag these unbelievable themed supper ideas that are the perfect excuse to invest more time in the house. They started making the menus while social distancing “as a method to offer something fun and special” to their travel firm customers who were choosing not to take a trip, they told POPSUGAR. While their objective is constantly to offer knowledge of the locations they focus on, they enjoy “discovering ways to bring the magic of those locations home” – and this showed to be a wonderful method of doing that.

Each menu is carefully crafted and consists of many film nods and information that any fan will value. And the very best part? The themed meals let you circumnavigate the world to breathtaking locations without leaving house. So, whether you’re craving a Timon and Pumbahama Mom for The Lion King, a Jurassic Park– themed Welcome to Jurassic Par-tichokes appetizer, a Stormgrouper fish entree inspired by Star Wars, or an I’m So Fluffy I’m Gon na Die marshmallow dessert à la Despicable Me, whatever is extremely enjoyable and scrumptious.

Apart from their travel firm, Rachel and Kelle are also full-time instructors and utilize these menus and their podcast, The Holiday Podcast With Character, as a method to remain linked after they made the switch to remote . Everyone can use some additional just-because celebrations, and these menus are a method to bring family, your roommates, or buddies (safely) together for a fun supper. What’s not to like? Keep checking out to see a few of their movie-themed meals, and do not hesitate to connect to Rachel ( or Kelle ( with any concerns about their menus or organisation.

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