Formula To Keep Your Mr. Right With You

Formula To Keep Your Mr. Right With You


Many relationship experts have stated that communication is really important to maintaining successful marriages. However, apart from communication, it is also important to maintain the quality of that communication. For instance, saying things like ‘pay the bills’, ‘take care of the kids’, or ‘take the trash out’ will not be taken so positively by your significant other. If you want to make your husband feel good and worthy, then there are certain phrases that you can use such as:

Thank You

Showing appreciation or gratitude for the things that your husband does for you and the family on a daily basis is a great place to start. You should thank him for showing his support, being there when you needed him the most, and taking care of the house and children when you were tired.

I Love When You…

Positive feedback is always really important. You can give him this positive feedback for the little things that he does that you admire and love about him a lot. For instance, it could be the way he helps at home or shows you his affection. Many husbands also love putting their children to bed and reading to them.

Let’s Spend Some Time Together

Most men would love to spend some alone time with their wives. This does not have to be intimate time. Your alone time could be spent doing anything that you enjoy doing together, from watching a movie to cooking. Spending time with your husband shows him that he is important to you and that you like doing things with him.

You Look So Handsome

While you husband may not look like a celebrity or a professional athlete, it does not cost a lot to compliment him, especially when he goes out of his way to do something that makes you happy. For instance, he might dress up for a date with you that he’d rather just go in his shorts or he might start exercising to get into better shape for you. When you compliment him, you will boost his confidence and he will continue doing these things for you.

I Love Your Smile

When you compliment his smile, it means that you want to see him smiling more. And more smiling automatically leads to more happiness.


You should consider saying yes on instances where you’d rather say no. A great instance is when your husband wants to invite his friends over. When you are selfless, your husband will learn to appreciate and love you more. It also means that you consider his needs important too.

What you say and how you say it can have a big impact on the relationship that you develop with your husband. Such phrases as identified above will help you in treating your husband the way he wants to be treated and making him feel much appreciated. This will help in developing your love further with him and he will end up loving the time that he gets to spend with you.


 “You know you found the right one when you stop looking for "more.” ~ Laurel House

A Selection of Mr. Right Quotes

“The right one for you will move mountains to be with you – he won’t hide behind them.” ~ Mandy Hale

“You know you found the right one when you stop looking for “more.” ~

“A wise man can say a foolish thing at any time, anywhere, and to anybody.” ~

“Let us find someone who will never break our heart, who will always be there for us, who will make us happy all the time, who will respect, love and cherish us in everything, and we can’t go far in the search because such personality is within us, not in the world we are living now!” ~ Michael Bassey Johnson

“It’s easy to forget all of the bad memories once you’ve found Mr. Right.” Her eyes got that look, and her smile faltered. I cringed. She was thinking of him again. “Then, when you lose him, you still remember the good. And you look for it everywhere, but you can’t find it.” ~ Amy Noelle

’s biggest quest in life was to find Mr. Right Now, not to be confused with Mr. Right.” ~ Lindsay Chamberlin

“If a quote of two individuals looks identical or almost similar to make it difficult to know as who said it first to be Mr. Right, then it is perhaps sensible to give credit for the same to one who travels in life light by choice and not compulsions than other who is too eager to board on a success flight.” ~ Anuj Somany

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