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Fish for Life

In 2007 Ted Bosveld became aware of the Orphans of Burundi, Central Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. Ted and his wife, Lorraine founded an NGO, “Villages of Life” and set about providing a home and education for as many of them as they can. In 2013 as part of the team visiting Burundi it was obvious how difficult obtaining adequate basic life needs is for most people.

Today with 32 children, six homes and a vibrant school on the ground in Cibitoke, providing a varied diet is challenging. Fish for Life will greatly assist in the area of good nutrition for the developing minds and bodies of our special children.


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The land on which Homes of is built is undulating, porous with a lot of small stones and is not suitable for traditional pond method of fish farming. Using open tanks is a suitable alternative enabling the most efficient use of water. The water will come from a 60,000 litre concrete tank which has been built to capture rainwater run off from the roof of the homes.

The funds raised will provide header tanks, a solar powered pumping system and two banks of fish tanks. Each bank will have its own Vortex and Bio filter. The fish waste collected will be used in the vegetable garden to promote better yields.

Fish for Life will be a blessing for the wider community, work for the local people in the construction phase and be a model enterprise which will be used to train others who want to grow their own fish.

Des with a few local children

To record the projects development for history, a 10 year TIME CAPSULE will be buried on site after the first fish are harvested. It will contain a Journal of the project which will include a record of the names of all supporters, sponsors, donors, photos and a message to the residents of the future.

We would love to come on board and with us as this beacon of light grows in Central Africa.

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