Fame India-Asia Post lists Aditya Golay as top 50 MLAs in the nation

Gangtok, August 14: Aditya Tamang (Golay), one of Sikkim’s youngest MLAs has been listed among the ‘50 Best Legislators’ Survey by Fame India-Asia Post, a magazine whose objective is to encourage those who work for the society and believes that honouring them through this acts as a catalyst to do even better. 

The survey was conducted on 3958 MLAs, determined by 50 categories and via three methods – stake hold, online and data analytics. Only a total of 150 MLAs were selected for the round and their contribution to their state/constituency was critically analyzed via proposals presented, participation in debates, public engagement and that was procured from the Vidhan Sabha, social media, public opinion, insights from experienced intellectuals and media reports. 

Aditya rose to fame when he was elected to the Sikkim Legislative Assembly from Soreng-Chakung in 2019 as a member of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha. Notwithstanding his relationship to the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) who is his father, Aditya Golay has made a name of himself within the younger circles in the state.  

He believes that his father is the most important figure in his life when it comes to terms with his career. 

“The way in which I entered politics was very unique, with special provisions and such, at the end Soreng-Chakung people also demanded someone from the family. I won’t say I wasn’t interested in politics because dad was a politician from a very young age and watching his work and attitude, my brother and I were influenced. He taught us to be humble and I think people appreciated that. Even when my father was in jail, we worked for the party.”

When asked how important the role of young people in politics and governance, Aditya says that given the future of Sikkim’s politics, it is extremely important. “More young people should come forward and participate in politics right from college and school levels itself. Only when educated people come into politics, they will take the right forward.”

With social media acting as the easiest way to opine and engage with politics and India’s booming youth population spending most of their time online, it is apt to say that Millennials and Gen Z are more politically aware than

Aditya agrees that young people should be more involved in politics and wants to encourage them to engage more. “In my constituency, if you look at the party structure, there are mostly young people and even my CLC head is the same age as me.

That way, young people should drive the constituency forward because that way, firstly it would be easier to work and communicate with people. They also have less ego because when you older, you develop a certain sense of ego and pride. All those matters and issues are mitigated if you’re of a young age.”

Since Sikkim’s age-old echo of the older generation egging on the younger generation to vie for government jobs (as the only and ultimate job) and warning them that politics is essentially for the corrupt (or the old), many young people hesitate to look at other career possibilities that could benefit them and are more suited to their beliefs.

SKM’s two youngest leaders – Aditya Golay and Indra Hang Subba (MP) – by simply becoming the face of a changing government structure, could quite possibly motivate Sikkim’s youth to opt for politics as a career option. 

Even apart from SKM, one of the opposition parties, namely Sikkim Democratic Front, had a young leader Moses Rai, the candidate who contested from the Poklok-Kamrang constituency during the Assembly By-polls, although was defeated by a large margin of 9727 votes against Prem Singh Golay, who contested from the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha, was another example of a fresh face in Sikkimese politics.

“Although there is a risk factor, you have to part of an association to become an MLA and work for the society and later on it might just not work for you, but if you are willing to take the risk and it works out for you, it will be the best for society”, shares Aditya.

“When young people come into the mix, there will be new ideas. Plus I think our generation now has been interested in politics from a young age. The Hon’ble CM, Hon’ble MP Indra Hang Subba and I are in the process of strengthening all the student unions because we want to bring in more students into mainstream politics.”

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