Faith Hope Love

Faith Hope Love There's a lot of things overated in this life isn't there?

Faith Hope Love    

There’s a lot of things overrated in this life isn’t there?

Hope isn’t one of them When you are trapped in a tunnel of discouragement it’s HOPE that points to the light at the end When you are burned out, stressed out or worn out it’s HOPE that gives you fresh energy When you are unemployed, it’s HOPE that helps you get out of bed in the morning so you can look for a new job When you are wrestling with a niggling illness, it’s HOPE that takes the edge off the uncertainty we have When you are struggling with addiction, it’s HOPE that refuels your recovery And when we say goodbye to the person on earth we love the most,

it’s HOPE that helps us navigate the deepest pain of our grief

When we sin or when we fail, it’s HOPE that allows us to get back up and stare sin in the face and say

“SIN – You are NOT my friend anymore!” There’s a lot of things overrated in this life…..

HOPE isn’t one of them We have this Hope as an anchor for the soul, firm & secure

 ~ Hebrews 6:19                                                            


Pastor Steve Fitzallen   
Door of Hope Christian Church DOH Logo 130 years

Faith, Hope, Love… the greatest of these is LOVE.

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