Exceptional Ideas for Personal Fundraising

Exceptional Ideas for Personal Fundraising

Exceptional Ideas for Personal Fundraising

The secret to a successful personal fundraising campaign is not only how creative an idea is, rather it is based on the value that a campaign can offer to the donor. People pay for the experiences. If you are successful in creating a uniquely amazing experience, they will willingly and actively donate for your cause.

Some of the value generating ideas for effective personal fundraising are as follows.

1.     Setting Up An Empathy Booth

People around the globe want to be heard and understood. To achieve that, they are ready to pay a lot to the counselors and psychotherapists. Setting up an empathy booth at a market place, mall, or a tradeshow would help you reach out to them, and would allow them to relieve their pent up frustrations and negativities. This act will not only help your cause but, on a larger scale, will lead towards better brand recognition and more funds.

2.     Conducting Training Programs

If you are good at what you do, why waste it? Organize a training session for a particular skill set and charge the participants. Hitting the right audience will be extremely crucial for this idea to work out, however, it is always handy to show off some of your talents and make money in the process.

3.     Organizing Therapeutic Events

Ever heard of La Tomatina festival in Spain? There is no need to squash that many tomatoes for such events. You can easily hold color water balloon fights and rage pillow wars etc. that allow people to work through their issues. Such events are fun-filled, colorful and highly therapeutic. Who would refrain from paying for a social gathering that offers catharsis to boot?

4.     Helping People in Daily Chores

We all need a little help while washing our cars, shopping for grocery items, and washing dishes. You can easily spot a person in need and offer your services for a specified amount. It will be a symbiotic relationship, helping all the participants involved.

5.     Giving out Personalized Gifts

Personalized and handcrafted gifts can be sold easily online and in your immediate circle, because there is a large market out there for such items. You can write humorously personalized messages or sketch their pretty faces to support your cause. They will remember you for the rest of their lives.

6.     Arranging a Local Olympiad

Parents today can do literally anything for their gadget savvy children to go out and experience some real stuff. You can easily organize an extremely low cost marathon for the children in your locality. The children will get some physical exercise and you can charge them an entry fee of some kind to raise funds.


"The only gift is a portion of thyself." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Selection of Gift Quotes

“You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  ~ Kahlil Gibran  The Prophet

“What is bought is cheaper than a gift.”  ~ Portuguese Proverb

“A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver.”  ~ Thomas á Kempis

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.”  ~ Seneca

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