Easy Do It Yourself Feet Mehndi Style For Karwa Chauth

Easy DIY action by action video tutorial for style for !

Starting right from the bride’s “16 Shringaar” to Karwa Chauth Mehendi every year, Mehendi holds a special considerable place in the lives of wives. This lovely body art is done with a paste drawn out from dried henna plant leaves.

The Karwa Chauth is a celebration of the pious bond shared between couple celebrating love and togetherness. According to Hindu traditions, the better half fasts the whole day for the well being of the other halves. The quick is broken as soon as the moon is spotted and rituals of the day have actually been carried out. It is a major festival commemorated in the northern part of the nation however has spread around the across cultures.

The organisation of using mehendi is on a boom during the festive season, especially at the time of Teej, Eid, Diwali and Karwa Chauth. Henna artists use beautiful Mehendi designs on the hands and feet of the females. Markets are flooded with women’s clothing and jewellery during the Karwa Chauth. Henna artists surrounded by females are a typical sighting at every nook and corner of the marketplace. Dear women, avoid the long line and apply the henna without burning a hole in your pocket. DIY Feet Mehndi tutorial for you to embellish your feet this Karwa Chauth 2020.

Simple Feet Mehndi Design for Karwa Chauth

It is an extremely elaborate yet simple to do design specifically for the modern newlywed who is constantly on her toes. You can easily try on this basic style if you’re low on time. The feet mehendi starts with parallel toe pattern. The toe style consists of straight lines, beaded chains and filled rows. You can experiment with the themes in the parallel rows, include small flower or linked vine leaves. This an extremely standard flower feet mehendi style. The very first big toe extends into a spiral theme followed by the main flower. The flower is extensively highlighted for a strong appearance. A flower mehendi style is insufficient without some leaves. The leaves are a stunning extension to the flower concept. The dotted chain connecting the floral concept to the toes makes it look even more appealing.

You can also ask your dear husbands to use henna on your feet, while you relax and delight in such uncommon luxury.This henna will undoubtedly leave a darker stain than usual.

In another case, you can arrange a DIY Mehendi competitors amongst your girl buddies. According to legends, the festival of Karwa Chauth was to restore and commemorate the relationship in between -friends (-sisters). -sisters were the pals of the female who she would have the ability to with confidence speak to or look for help from. Even this is a great reason to have a grand Karwa Chauth event among your girl friends.

Unique full hand mehendi designs for Karwa Chauth


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