Duck Or Chicken ??? “Quak, Quak, Quak”

Duck Or Chicken ???  “Quak, Quak, Quak”

There is this couple who decided to take a walk in the park after a nice dinner. As they are walking, they heard the sound that goes, “Quak, Quak, Quak”.

The lady goes, “That must be a chicken!”.

The guy knowing that its not, goes,” No, that’s a duck!”.

The lady goes, “NO!!! That’s a chicken!”.

The guy patiently says to his lady, “No, darling. That is a duck. A duck goes quak quak, but a chicken goes chickadoo!!!”.

The debate goes for a few rounds, and the guy finally says, “Yes, darling. I think you are right. It must be a chicken!”.

So, the lady was finally satisfied that her guy agrees with her finally and they continue to have a nice walk in the park.

What’s the moral of the story?
Hehhehehe… I told a sweet lovely long-time guy friend of mine this story yesterday and he said the moral of the story is, “Never fight with a woman!” or “Don’t fight with a woman cos u’ll never win!” ehehhehe… We’ve got a laugh, cos it sure looks like that!!!

But no… what the story is telling us is there are many times that a couple or even two people start to argue for something which is not important at all! Does it matter whether it’s a chicken or it’s a duck? What’s more important in this scenario is this couple spending good quality time together.

Can you imagine if one party never gives in, it may just lead to arguments and quarrels, as most of us know, that sometimes it just only takes a spark of something to start a “fire”!

Then, they start to feel anger and when they do, they try to dig out other unrelated matters and the whole thing just blow! I would say the guy is smart in this scenario… he knows he’s getting nowhere with his girl and if he just gives in and they did have a good time that day.

What if you argue and you did win or managed to convince? Does it make you any happier, going home wearing a black face and spoiling the evening?

Think about it?

Many times, people get into arguments because they think they are always right and never wrong. Does it always mean so? Perhaps, it’s neither a duck or chicken who goes “Quak, Quak” here! It may just be someone imitating the “Quak Quak”! And who knows, perhaps a chicken can really go “Quak Quak” knowing the advances of science these days!

Never assume that you are always right, others the benefit of the doubt that maybe they are right this time round. It does not always to find out who is right or who wins, what’s more important is to be happy.

A who knows how to make the best out of a situation is the a smart and happy soul! It takes a lot of trust, giving and taking to have a good fulfilling loving relationship, a love relationship, friendship or kinship.

Respect each other as who we are, it starts here and believe me, it can go a long way!

So, start practicing now!!!

“Roses are red… violets are blue… I will not forget, the time I knew you… “

I hope you enjoyed  – life is precious and is short – and you ARE special!


 “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the walks out.”
~Walter Winchell 1897-1972, Journalist