Did the Pentagon Just Confirm the Existence of a Current UFO Program?– Silva Record

A typical style when reading declarations from Pentagon representatives is to be careful of what they state. Their contradictions and spin have actually been a consistent concern for many years. Recently, claims of alleged unethical habits (or worse) have sprung up. With that said, we should always take what these representatives say with a grain of salt.

Scientist Roger Glassel has actually touched with Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough, and others, a variety of times. Today he published more statements he received in concern and response format.

What protruded to me, remarkably enough, is this statement which seems to validate the existing UAP/UFO program we have been hearing a lot about from Luis Elizondo and others.

Susan Gough: “Under the cognizance of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD(I)), there is an interagency group charged with event information and carrying out investigations into variety attacks.”

Later throughout the concern and responses with Roger, Susan Gough went on to state,

“The examination of UAP sightings by the multi-agency job force is continuous.”

Like other recent reports, this seems to validate and vindicate declarations from Luis Elizondo. Throughout season one of Unidentified, it was mentioned:

Storyteller: “Over the past year (Lue) has been interacting behind the scenes with a brand-new team of Pentagon intelligence officers who are studying UFOs.”

Lue Elizondo: “Aatip is no longer run by a single workplace. There’s now several offices that are taken part in this effort. We meet people frequently included with this effort.”

“There are very qualified people, whom I trust, whom I personally know, that are still this effort. And it is being run with main blessing.”

I talked with Luis Elizondo and he told me this:

“Per my previous interactions with the public it must be no surprise to anybody that the program is still running and out of OUSDI, the organization that I left. In addition, as I also formerly stated this effort is a joint venture between OSD and components of the intelligence community. I’m the department of defense continues to take this issue seriously for the sake of our brave males and females in uniform.”

Given that the original NY Times story, whether AATIP was ongoing had actually been reported both methods. It was reported that AATIP ended extensively and traditional media parroted that message to the , regardless of Elizondo claiming in the very same original Times piece that it did not end. Elizondo likewise made declarations because, directly notifying the the program was ongoing.

Historically speaking alone, this is a substantial story, but its effect on the public psyche might also be impactful. It has constantly been my feeling considering that the public idea AATIP just lasted for a brief couple of years and it was no longer continuous, that in a way, emotionally they had the ability to compartmentalize it, assisting them brush the subject off. Mentally there might be a much larger effect when the public believes, and now understands and has confirmation, that there remains in fact an continuous United States UFO/UAP program.

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