Dawn Wells Addresses Mary Ann’s Sex Appeal (Gilligan’s Island)

50 ago, American introduced to a concept seemed weird at the time but CBS decided to take a chance and we got Gilligan’s Island. The first episode of the show which revolved the story of seven castaways and their after their tour boat gets blown off-course and become wrecked on a deserted island in the Pacific aired on September 26, 1994. Of the seven main characters, five were played by stage and big-screen veterans.

The Titular character, Gilligan, played by Bob Denver, continually put the shipwreck survivors in danger with his bumbling attitude and dim-witted antics. The captain of the ship, Skipper, often punished Gilligan for his stupid actions by slapping him with his hat. Stage actor Jim Backus played the role of Mr Thurston Howell III, a rich business magnate, who had boarded the boat with his wife Lovely Howell, played by Natalie Schafer, with a trunk full of clothes and cash. Tina Louise played the role of Ginger Grant, a movie star reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, and Dawn Wells played Mary Ann Summers, a chirpy and loving farm girl.

The critics rejected the show as dross as soon as it aired on television. However, the audiences had a completely different reaction. The show tried to make the audiences laugh by introducing them to situations that the seven castaways regularly dealt with and America actually did laugh with and at them. Critics believe there were two reasons the American audiences developed a fondness for Gilligan’s Island.

First, the show appeared at a time when American was dealing with President John F. Kenndy’s assassination as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thus, there was a lot of civil unrest within the country which made the general public uncomfortable. Gilligan’s island did exactly what the audiences wanted a television show to do at the time — it made them forget about their day-to-day concerns. Thus, the audiences laughed at the goofy comedy created on the small screen by the dim-witted Gilligan and the gang.

The second reason the show worked so well was that the audiences immediately fell in love with Ginger Grant and Mary Ann. The two characters couldn’t be more opposite and thus, what ensued was a debate between who would take home: Mary Ann or Ginger Grant? Even though it’s been over 50 years since Gilligan’s Island went off the air, the debate still continues. However, the many polls done over the years have found America inclining towards Mary Ann. In this video, we discuss Mary Ann’s sex appeal and what made her character so appealing to the average American male.

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