Dave Chappelle Says His Show Ruined His Life

consider Chappelle’s to be one of the comedy of all time. It approached important issues like race, contemporary politics, and cultural issues with a blend of comedic genius that only Dave Chappelle could conjure – and audiences couldn’t get enough of what he serving up.

The show rose to popularity in its second season and eventually presented Dave with the opportunity to seize a massive contract – which he did – but subsequently regretted resulting in his notorious retreat from the spotlight. The show that gave Dave his skyrocketing rise to fame had been his undoing and soon enough it faced the chopping block of cancellation.

Once again a television show with a massive following bit the dust much too soon. Fans were left scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened – but in order to solve that mystery, you’d have to turn to Dave himself.

According to Chappelle, his sudden exposure to the limelight – with all the pressures and expectations that fame can bring – was disastrous to his spiritual and mental health.

It’s hard to believe that Chappelle’s Show premiered almost 2 decades ago. Let’s take a little look back at the show and some little known facts related to it. Stick around to find out Dave regrets ever being apart of it.

Dave Chappelle is just a normal guy from Yellow Springs, Ohio. He never anticipated the fame and success that he found after doing Chappelle’s Show. Suddenly, the world all knew his face and were shouting phrases from the show at him wherever he went. He personally couldn’t handle it. He felt like his life was being ruined by the show that gave him his fame and fortune.

Find out what exactly made his experience in the public eye so terrible and why he felt the to run off to Africa and abandon his massive contractual agreement with Comedy Central.

Before we touch on that, enjoy these dozen or so facts about the show that you probably never knew about. Find out the secrets behind some of your favorite sketches and how famous faces like RZA and Snoop Dogg came to be apart of the show.

Make sure you watch the video to the end to see why Dave had his breakdown. In the comments section, drop us a line. Do you think you would handle sudden fame well, or would you want to dip out just like Dave did?

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Dave Chappelle Says His Show Ruined His Life

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