Chomolungma Lam Thu | Royal Enfield’s Ride to Mount Everest

In October 2019, a group of 11 motorcyclists ventured out on a in a lifetime experience to ride through the forbidden kingdom of Tibet Autonomous Region and reach the world’s highest monastery Rongbuk at the fabled North Face Base Camp of Mount Everest – a route George Mallory made famous with his attempt to scale the mountain back in 1924.

Starting from Kathmandu, they crossed the Nepalese border to ride through the high desolate highlands of Tibet Autonomous Region on their way to Rongbuk. Together they battled the biting chill, the dropping oxygen and their own personal limits, forming friendships for life on the way to the top of the world.

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“Homeward Bound”
Rohit Gupta

MAYA, Bipul Chettri

Rohit Gupta

“Mountain High”
Sketches of Darjeeling, Bipul Chettri

MAYA, Bipul Chettri

“Rising And Falling, What The Tide Could Bring”
Davis Harwell

Original Author: Produced by Royal Enfield and published on 18/01/ Source

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