Orangutans Love Their New Treat: Rubber Tree Sap 🤤 Orangutan Jungle School | Smithsonian Channel


The minders at the Orangutan Jungle School are teaching their pupils a new and delicious lesson: how to extract the gooey goodness of a rubber tree. It’s a nutritious snack for orangutans in the wild. #OrangutanJungleSchool #WinesNewFriend #SmithsonianChannel From Orangutan Jungle School: Wine’s New Friend https://bit.ly/32uRgbt Subscribe to The Smithsonian>>>

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Are the Rollright Stones Actually Ancient Energy Fields? 🔮 Mystic Britain | Smithsonian Channel


Many people think ancient neolithic structures, such as the Rollright Stones of Warwickshire, were built on ancient energy fields. Some even claim they are able to tap into this energy. #MysticBritain #TheRollrightWitch #SmithsonianChannel From Mystic Britain: http://bit.ly/2LKVaqO Subscribe to The Smithsonian Channel: https://bit.ly/2FE6OSh Twitter: https://bit.ly/33lH712 Instagram: https://bit.ly/3iw9Iay Facebook: https://bit.ly/3kkVOZp Original>>>

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King Tut’s Shocking Origins + Other Amazing Secrets of Ancient Egypt 😱 Smithsonian Channel


From secrets discovered in King Tut’s tomb to suspicions of fake busts, these are some of the most mind-blowing ancient Egyptian discoveries made. 0:00 Intro to Amazing Secrets of Ancient Egypt 00:23 – Two Baby Girls Mummified with King Tut 3:38 – The Great Pyramid Was Surprisingly Bright 6:23 –>>>

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Kidnapping Survivor Shares how She Overcame Her Tragic Past | Cheryl Hunter | Goalcast


What started as a fun European adventure for 18-year-old Cheryl Hunter, became a nightmare when she was abducted in France and held captive for days… before the unthinkable happened. This life-changing trauma forced her to refocus her life and discover freedom through the concept of Wabi-Sabi. This is her story.>>>

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The technology that’s replacing the green screen


The green screen is a Hollywood staple. Should it be? It’s easy to complain about overreliance on special effects, but for projects that require impossible-to-film environments or have incredibly expensive shots, how do you get the flexibility of green screens without the drawbacks? Charmaine Chan has worked on one of>>>

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The Secret to a Wild Dog Pack’s Devastating Kill Ratio 🐕 Tales From Zambia | Smithsonian Channel


Wild dog packs may be the most effective hunters in the Luangwa Valley. Their secret is stamina, persistence, and teamwork. #TalesFromZambia #SmithsonianChannel From Tales From Zambia: https://bit.ly/3nnh9DQ Subscribe to The Smithsonian Channel: https://bit.ly/2FE6OSh Twitter: https://bit.ly/33lH712 Instagram: https://bit.ly/3iw9Iay Facebook: https://bit.ly/3kkVOZp Original Author: Produced by Smithsonian Channel and published on 23/10/2020

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Why American public transit is so bad | 2020 Election


Most Americans have no choice but to drive. How do we change that? What do you wish the presidential candidates would talk about? http://vox.com/ElectionVideos In the middle of the 20th century, the US government made a decision that would transform American cities: It built a huge system of interstate highways,>>>

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Childhood Friends Love of Baseball Bolsters Community – OG Sports with Scott Stanford (E5)


OG Sports is an OGTV series all about the inspirational sports stories you love to hear. Veteran Sports anchor Scott Stanford will interview unique and uplifting sports heroes and members of organizations who, in their own way, are trying to change the world for the better through sports. In this>>>

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A Lost Lion Cub Risks Everything to Find His Family 🦁 Big Cat Country | Smithsonian Channel


A hungry lion cub, separated from his mother for the second day straight, takes a huge gamble by approaching a nearby lioness. If she’s not a member of his pride, he could be in huge trouble. #BigCatCountry #HollywoodsHeldHostage #SmithsonianChannel From Big Cat Country: https://bit.ly/3j4hgkh Subscribe to The Smithsonian Channel: https://bit.ly/2FE6OSh>>>

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These Russian Immigrants Filmed Their New Life in America in 1905 🎥 Smithsonian Channel


In 1905, a Russian Jewish family, the Unobskeys, moved to the idyllic Maine countryside to find the American dream and escape poverty and persecution. Their home movies from that period show them picnicking and fully embracing the American way of life. #AmericaInColor #ComingToAmerica #SmithsonianChannel From America in Color: Coming to>>>

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