India / Himalayan DTOUR 2019

India / Himalayan DTOUR 2019 Getting ready to explore the lesser known side of the Himalayas Ride to the lesser known part of the Himalayas – Uttarakhand, through hills, forest, never ending twisties and getting a first hand experience of the landscapes and cultures. Hoping to get caught up in the majestic Eternal Snows, get to swim in the glacial fed streams and paraglide high above it all -all while supporting the orphan children of The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission in this charity event.. I will be posting on this side when I’m able to along the way. Stay tuned for an AMAZING ride!   GSAM   DTourIndia  For more info on future rides Credit: VictorHuang   INSTAGRAM post 17/01/2019 Getting ready for India. Time to taste a few curries. My India / Himalayan motorbike adventure starts on Monday! #GSAMIndia  #food #foodphotography  #foodporn  #bike#india  #indianfood  #adventure#travel  #picoftheday  #picture #dtourindia Watch out for a few photos and video’s over the next 3>>>

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10 Ways to Save Money on Vacations

10 Ways to Save Money on Vacations We all love to travel, but it is too expensive for the majority of us to afford. How about a great adventure at your favorite destination within a controlled budget? Interested? Of course you are! Here are a few tricks to save money while enjoying your vacations to steer clear of regrets on your return. 1.     Research before Planning Your Travel You can get cheaper tickets for your travel. Book your tickets at least a month before. Also, be flexible with dates. Wednesdays and Thursdays are when you can typically get the cheapest tickets. Go for it! 2.     Keep Yourself Updated You have a smart phone. You only have to use it smartly. Social Media is best place to keep you updated about the current dynamics of travel plans. People are saving a lot, why can’t you? 3.     Buy Package Deals Only a>>>

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Top 10 Winning Destinations To Discover In This World

  Top 10 Winning Destinations To Discover In This World Travel can provide a welcome respite from the monotonous routines most of us have, bringing serenity and calmness into one’s life. People often travel for business work, meetings or for leisure, seeking adventure or meeting relatives who live far-off. Nonetheless, regardless of the reason you embark upon a journey, the experience of travelling brings forth new challenges, experiences and a whole lot of learning that one cant imply on by sitting idly at home. Here are some of the places which every person should visit to rejuvenate your spirit and be mesmerized once more like a child. 1.     Marrakech, Morocco With its name originating from the Berber (Amazigh) language meaning ‘Land of God’, Marrakech is an enchanting place brimming with gardens, palaces, markets and historic religious structures. Make your way through the twisting and turning alleys right out of the>>>

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