BREAKING: Nova Scotia shooter’s weapons were all gotten unlawfully|The Post Millennial – News, Politics, Culture, and Way of life


The RCMP have actually stated that the Nova Scotia shooter obtained his weapons illegally in a press conference of Thursday. The Shooter eliminated 22 people in the little town of Portipique, Nova Scotia during a 13 hour rampage. The responding law enforcement officer ultimately shot the shooter dead. The gunman>>>

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Editor of progressive paper celebrates protestors– then they stormed and trashed her workplace|The Post Millennial – News, Politics, Culture, and Way of life


A news editor for a small, independent paper remained in assistance of the protests-turned-riots, till they burglarized the paper’s workplace and she had to hide from looters and vandals in the basement. Leigh Tauss, an editor for the progressive news outlet Indy Week in North Carolina, was stunned to find>>>

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Hear Alan Watts’s 1960s Prediction That Automation Will Necessitate a Universal Basic Income | Open Culture


One of the most propulsive forces in our social and economic lives is the rate at which emerging technology transforms every sphere of human labor. Despite the political leverage obtained by fearmongering about immigrants and foreigners, it’s the robots who are actually taking our jobs. It is happening, as former SEIU president Andy>>>

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