Alicia Garza: How to achieve REAL change | BookTube


Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Global Network, author of “The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart”, and Principal at Black Futures Lab, fields questions from YouTube Creators Team2Moms, NayaReadsAndSmiles, Bowties & Books, and FunForLois. They discuss politics, gender, and how we got to>>>

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15 Most Dangerous Railway Bridges in the World


Traveling by train is a stunning way to see the countryside. You get to sit back and enjoy the view while making your way from A to B. But not every railway bridge is created equally, which means a leisurely journey can also be terrifying. From a bridge built by>>>

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5 Most Expensive Helicopters In The World


Helicopters may be the single most exclusive and convenient mode of transportation. Some luxury helicopters are built with elegant interiors and over-the-top features so that passengers can enjoy every moment of the ride. Today I’m counting down the top five most expensive helicopters in the world! Facebook: Reddit:>>>

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This is How Gordon Ramsay Spent a Quarter Billion Dollars


Gordon Ramsay has a remarkable net worth of more than a billion dollars, and if you’ve ever wondered what this celebrity chef and entrepreneur spends his more than a billion dollar fortune on then stay tuned. From a car collection to a £4 million Cornwall mansion, here are 15 Ridiculous>>>

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15 Most Unique Natural Phenomena in The World


The big bad world is full of the weird and wonderful in every form imaginable. Just when you think you have seen it all, the world reveals a secret that literally turns your perspective of the world upside down. From underwater volcanos to frozen methane bubbles, here are 15 of>>>

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15 School Rules You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Have you ever thought that your school rules are just unbelievably harsh? Well, I doubt it was as mind-blowing as some of these ridiculous rules from institutions around the globe. From getting students to wear a cardboard box on their head to stop them from cheating to female students being>>>

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15 Cursed Treasures That Ended Lives


Life always seems so straightforward from day to day, doesn’t it? But what if we told you that cursed treasures might exist that have the power to end lives. And don’t think we’re joking, either – this isn’t a movie plot. From a cursed blue gem to hidden gold and>>>

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Inside The Most Expensive Home In The United States


Take a moment to imagine what the most expensive mansion in America would look like. Do you imagine it having a spa? Perhaps a movie theatre? What about a bowling alley, a juice bar, a moat – and even a full nightclub? The One, in Bel Air, has all of>>>

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15 Most Dangerous Fighter Jets in the World


Fighter jets have a pretty important job to do. They are fixed-wing aircraft used for air-to-air combat against other fighter jets. So, it makes sense that they have to feature superior tech and power to make them better than their opposition. From a jet fighter capable of carrying six bombs>>>

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15 Amazing Homemade Inventions Made by True Geniuses #2


When inventions are created at home, there is no one around to limit the inventor’s crazy ideas and passion. So, it’s no surprise that homemade inventions happen to be some of the wildest and most amazing inventions out there. From birdcages to a homemade tank, here are 15 amazing homemade>>>

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