Rejection Does Not Justify Giving Up

Rejection Does Not Justify Giving Up Once upon a time….. There was a farmer who lived in small village. He made a very small income with the harvest that he carried to the town on the back of his donkey to sell. He was a man with a limited vision and felt content when the smallest of his needs were fulfilled. Every day, the farmer took the same road to and from the town. One day, on his way back home, the farmer stopped by a well to have some water. Unfortunately, as he looked for the well’s bucket, his donkey fell into it. The farmer felt quite miserable at losing his donkey like that. However, the donkey was not dead yet. It cried out to his master to help him out of the well. The farmer stared at the pathetic creature. It had been with him for a very>>>

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Looking at the World from a Different Perspective

Looking at the World from a Different Perspective Once upon a time, a man lived alone in a village. As he grew old his eyesight deteriorated until he could not see at all. The old man would go to the woods every night to get water from the pond. Since he had spent all his life in the village, he knew his way by heart and easily managed to bring back water every night despite losing his vision. What puzzled the villagers was that although the old man was blind, yet he would carry around a lighted lamp. They simply could not understand why he would want to carry the extra burden of the lamp, yet they never questioned him of the fear of sounding rude. After all, the old man was a good person and they did not want to hurt his feelings. One day, a group of young>>>

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