Supreme Court Rules to Keep Cross: ‘Religious Symbols Are an Important Part of Our Nation’s Culture’


Atheists have actually shed a choice in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals the other day as well as a historical Globe Battle II-era cross on public residential or commercial property in Pensacola, Florida, will certainly remain standing.   The Liberty From Religious Beliefs Foundation (FFRF) took legal action against>>>

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Australian Islamic Centre helps exhausted firefighters by cooking meals


As bushfires raged around them, the ladies of the Australian Islamic Centre felt compelled to help out their community. The group from Newport in Victoria filled five trucks full of donated supplies and raised $1,500 in only 48 hours. They travelled, along with other volunteers, more than four hours to>>>

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Gears and Motivation Mechanism

  The Power of Positive Thinking ‘’The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.’’ ~ John Milton On 24th December 2007, St. John’s Memorial Hospital was buzzing with news of Ward No. 5’s recovery. Despite it being Christmas Eve, the>>>

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Life Is Not a Competition

Trendy girl traveling by car

Life Is Not a Competition Can you name the happiest man on earth? What do you think he owns? You probably think about the luxuries in life. He may be a billionaire with a huge mansion and a fleet of cars. Or you think about a celebrity who is almost>>>

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A Full Circle


A Full Circle Has anyone ever helped you without any reason? Have you ever felt as if the Universe is doing you a favor because you made one for someone else? If you have never experienced it, your day will surely come! The feeling of being owed by the Universe>>>

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The Wall of Kindness

Eyes behind a wall

The Wall of Kindness Walls have always been built to divide and segregate people but did you know that there is a wall that can bring people together as well? Well, the wall of kindness not only brings people together but also helps those in need! The idea behind the>>>

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Rejection Does Not Justify Giving Up

Nice Irish Donkey Behind A Stone Wall

Rejection Does Not Justify Giving Up Once upon a time….. There was a farmer who lived in small village. He made a very small income with the harvest that he carried to the town on the back of his donkey to sell. He was a man with a limited vision>>>

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My Journey Back to Light


My Journey Back to Light At an alcoholics anonymous meeting, Jack Davidson shared his transforming tale. The way he fought against all odds and became the motivational speaker he is today. What is his secret? According to him, it is the fact that he never loses the sight of light.>>>

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