Making an Effort for a Better Tomorrow

  Making an Effort for a Better Tomorrow Making an effort for a better tomorrow is imperative for each of us. Running away from this responsibility does not make matters easier for us. It simply makes our life harder. Let’s read the following fables to get a clearer idea of what we’re talking about.   The Ant and the Grasshopper On a fine autumn day, a family of Ants was working relentlessly to dry out the grain that they had collected and stored during the summer season. Since, winter was looming over their heads just a few days away, the Ants wanted to prepare for it before it arrived and they would no longer be able to find food out in the open. They had already done the difficult part of the job, collecting food in the hot and dry summer. All they needed to do now was prepare it>>>

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The Dog and the Reflection

The Dog and the Reflection Once upon a time, a dog lived in a small town. Every day, he would sit outside the butcher’s shop hoping that the butcher would toss him a bone. One day he was sitting there when the butchered took pity on him and gave him the biggest, juiciest bone he had ever had! The dog couldn’t believe his fortune. He immediately got up and happily scurried away with the bone in his mouth. He wished to enjoy his prized bone alone so he went around in search of the best spot to devour it. With the bone in mouth, he came across a river. As he crossed the narrow footbridge, he happened to look down at his reflection in the water. In his haste and excitement, he failed to realize that it was his own reflection. The silly dog thought it was another dog, carrying>>>

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Give Respect to Earn Respect

Give Respect to Earn Respect Once upon a time, a mighty lioness lived in a jungle. The lioness was feared by all the animals. The giraffes would run at the sight of the lioness, zebra and antelope would gallop at her name and even snappy crocodiles steer clear of her. One day, a tiny mouse was running in the tall grass of the jungle when he bumped into the lioness. She was sleeping and immediately woke up when she felt something tickling her nose. The mouse has accidentally scampered onto her face! The lioness roared in anger, “How dare you!” and was about to swipe the mouse with a deadly blow when he begged, “My mighty queen, forgive me! I was running through the tall grass, searching for scraps to eat, I did not see you. I never meant to run onto your nose and disturb your sleep.” The lioness>>>

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There is Always Space for More!

There is Always Space for More! You may have experienced times when life really had you struggling for your goals. You may have thought of several ways of getting through the hard times. Even right now, you are thinking about standing tall and fighting, aren’t you? That’s the most evident solution to everyone’s problems. It is the easiest way out of your predicament! What you can’t always see is that sometimes, bending yourself and your will to the situation is the best thing for you to do. You will be able to see that clearly through the exemplary story of the Oak and the Reeds. A giant Oak tree stood near a brook where Reeds grew. Each day with passing winds, the Reeds bent in its direction, swaying this way and that. The Oak tree looked down upon the Reeds and said one day, “Oh, how sad it is that>>>

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Hidden Treasure – The Aesop’s Fable about a Farmer and His Sons

Hidden Treasure – The Aesop’s Fable about a Farmer and His Sons A wise farmer was on his deathbed. He wished to be sure that his sons would do well after he was not there to counsel them. Being the wise old man he was he knew that his sons would have to work hard to achieve prosperity in life. Lying on his deathbed, the farmer called his sons to his bedside and said, “My dear sons, I have spent my whole life working on these farms, I did everything to make sure that you never have to supplicate to anyone but God, but now my time has come. I will not be here for much longer and you will be on your own.” The sons pleaded him to stop talking like that but he knew his time was near, he continued, “Before I depart from this world, I want>>>

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The Other Side – Aesop’s Fable of Hares and the Frogs

The Other Side – Aesop’s Fable of Hares and the Frogs Once upon a time, a drove of hares lived in a valley. Being timid by nature, they were spending their lives in misery. Always afraid of the unforeseen predators, they were living in gloom and despair. One day they decided to call a council. Tired of living a life of fear, a hare exclaimed, “My dear fellow brothers, do you think this is a life worth living? We are constantly on the run; we never get a moment of peace. I am tired of being afraid all the time. I cannot keep living like this.” Another hare seconds, “We spend days hiding away from the predators and nights are no better, we cannot eat in comfort and sleep in the fear of death; a rustling of leaves make us run for the hills. Our lives are truly miserable. It>>>

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