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Cartoons used to glue you to the seat for hours, that is, until your parents got a hold of you. They sent you to your room, complaining that you watched too many cartoons. Ah…those were the days some of you wish you could have back. When cartoons such as , SpongeBob, Hey Arnold, and many others were your favorite pastime after school.

You enjoyed seeing them take on challenges, solve problems, work together towards a solution, and accept each other as they are. Out of the several characters in a cartoon show, one stood out as the character that possessed qualities. Here are five cartoon characters who taught us how to lead:

1.     Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats

Tommy, full name Thomas Malcolm Pickles, was the baby in the diaper all the rest of the babies could depend on for support. When one of his diaper buddies told him they had a problem, Tommy dealt with it. The little guy was so positive that he made us wish we had a Tommy Pickles in our life too.

2.     Arnold from Hey Arnold

Arnold with his football shaped head won our hearts and made Helga the bully fall in love with them even though that was not his intention. Anyhow, Arnold stands out as a because he was a sensible who used his logic to help people who came up to him for advice.

3.     Porkchop from Doug

Porkchop is a dog with human qualities and Doug Funnie’s best friend. By the way, Doug Funnie is the main character of the show, but he fell short of his leadership duties, as he was too busy daydreaming in the most uncommon and at times, dangerous places such as while riding his bike.

Porkchop, his ever so loving and dependable sidekick, ended up making the list. Although the dog did not talk, he expressed his leadership traits thought facial expressions, gestures, and writing them down.

4.     Eliza Thornberry from the Wild Thornberrys

Eliza Thornberry’s gift of talking to animals played a vital role in shaping her as a leader. She talked to animals, small, large, and dangerous. She has gotten into trouble several times as well, but has acted fearlessly during those occasions. Her devotion to animals and a thirst for adventure has evolved Eliza into a leader.

5.     Regina aka Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power

Regina, who likes to go by the name of Reggie, is Otto Rocket’s big sister and sometimes, competitor. Both brother and sister are raised by their single dad and both share his passion for extreme sports such as skateboarding, hockey, and surfing. The purple haired beauty once even tried her hand at figure skating, and excelled without a doubt. You can often see her reasoning with her brother and friends, and as the only female in the group of guys, she is one ambitious chick we do not want to ever take on.

If you have any other character you can add on to this list, share with us in the comments.

"What I know about me is that, in order to lead, you also have to know how to follow." ~ Tyler Perry

“What I know about me is that, in order to lead, you also have to know how to follow.”

~ Tyler Perry

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