BREAKING: President Trump Pulls Election of Corrupt Deep State United States Attorney Jessie Liu to Treasury Dept.

Jessie K. Liu Excellent News! Trump pulled his nomination on Tuesday of misaligned Deep State United States Attorney Jessie Liu to the Treasury Department.

TGP factor Joe Hoft discussed this political hack back in September 2019– Jessie K.

Liu should not be practicing law. She needs to be disbarred, impeached and indicted. She is the United States Attorney involved in three Deep State Mueller associated cases the government is withholding or kept proof from the defense. And she is included in other corrupt cases.

Jessie K. Liu was an up and coming star in the Department of Justice. However her actions of late show that she never needs to have risen to her position in the first place.

Ms. Liu is associated 3 cases where pertinent files were withheld from the defense– Via Rosie Memos.


Liu was associated with the Maria Butina case where a girl sat in prison, due to the fact that she was established by the Deep State FBI. The information associated to the FBI’s set up was never ever supplied to her or her attorneys in spite of numerous demands from the defense for this info which was the government’s task to provide to her.

Liu also is associated with the Concord Management case.This case has actually been a mess considering that day one. The federal government alleged various lies about the business in order to connect the Mueller sham to Russia. Mueller’s group mentioned Concord and its sis business Concord Catering were involved in spreading news on Facebook that impacted the US . The problem is Concord Catering wasn’t even out there at the time they were indicted by Mueller and the Mueller team was never ever able to connect Russians to Concord Mangement which invested only $3,000 on Facebook ads that allegedly impacted the 2016 election.

Mueller insinuated that Concord was led by Russians who didn’t want Hillary to win. Mueller and Liu have actually never been able to prove this while making up criminal offenses along the method. Concord Management’s attorneys are toying with the corrupt Deep State, even stating their logic resembles Tweety bird saying, “I did, I did, I taw a puddy tat.”

In addition, Liu is associated with the Deep State’s sham indictment of the brave General Mike Flynn. Considering that the 2016 election and before, General Flynn was targeted by Obama’s Deep State. Flynn devoted the criminal offense of disagreeing with Obama’s outrageous policies in the Middle East. Because that time, Flynn was a target.

Today Flynn’s case is still continuous and it is costing Flynn a mint. This previous week his lawyer requested documents from the federal government relevant to his case. The Deep State federal government not provide the files nor they provide Flynn’s lawyer the classified status to see them. Ms. Liu is involved in this case too.

Ms. Liu likewise was involved in the James Wolfe case where he was arraigned for leaking a FISA application to the New york city Times– Jessie Liu declined to prosecute James Wolfe (SSCI director of security)for leaking a FISA application to the NYT. Her factor to protect SSCI(Wolfe) is the factor to protect the FBI(

McCabe). The choice will need to be produced her. [Barr/Rosen]

 Now it appears like Liu is included in the McCabe case and will identify whether to bring charges against previous corrupt FBI Director Andy McCabe. If Liu is included

it is uncertain that McCabe will be indicted for any of his numerous criminal offenses! In 2017 Liu was chosen by President Trump to end up being the

next US Lawyer in Washington D.C. She took control of that position a couple of months later on. In

March of 2019 the far left Washington Post shared this about Liu– Jessie K. Liu, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia who had had actually tapped to take the Justice Department’s No. 3 jobTask has withdrawn from consideration after Republican senators raised concerns issues her past membership in a lawyers legal representatives that supported abortion rights and opposed the nomination of Samuel A. Alito Jr. to the Supreme Court. The Trump administration indicated weeks ago that it would nominate Liu for the position of associate chief law officer, in which she would supervise the department’s substantial civil lawsuits work. That nomination will not occur, due to the fact that of her past function with the lawyers group, officials said Thursday. Somehow this sham of an attorney was advised to President Trump and ultimately removed by the Senate from moving onto a larger job at the DOJ.(The President truly needs to veterinarian those who are vetting others for his administration.

Ms. Liu ought to not be prosecuting individuals for criminal activities. Her actions associated with the Mueller cases she supervised offers adequate proof that she must not be practicing law. She needs to lag bars. She must not be the one deciding whether to arraign corrupt cop McCabe!

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