BREAKING NEWS: Riverton, Illinois Police Officer under Active Criminal Investigation

 Riverton, Illinois Authorities

Officer, Grant Peterson Riverton, Illinois– Sources near to Springfield Leaks, have actually confirmed that a Riverton, Illinois Policeman is under Crook Examination after an incident including a DUI traffic stop that happened on February 4, 2020.

Officer Grant Peterson, with the Riverton, Illinois Police Department is currently under an active criminal examination involving Jacob B. Melton, age 36, who was apprehended for Driving under the influence of Alcohol on February 4, 2020.

According to documents we have gotten, Melton was driving a grey 2009 Toyata on February 4, 2020 around 11:30 p.m. when he was pulled over by Officer Tricia Langan( previously Officer Summerson) for driving under the impact on 9th and Lincoln in Riverton, Illinois. At this time, it is uncertain what likely cause Officer Langan had for the traffic stop.

According to sources close to the investigation, after Melton was pulled over he was required to the Riverton, Illinois Authorities Department. Our source informs us that there is a video that exist, which is currently in the hands of investigators. In the video, there are 2 Riverton, Illinois Authorities Officers, who Springfield Leaks have actually determined as Officer Peterson and Officer Langan. In the video, Officer Peterson is seen head butting Melton, while he appeared to be handcuffed.

Contrary to rumors that have been circulating on social networks, our sources have actually validated that the event was certainly caught on video and the video is really clear in showing the occurrence.

Sources inside the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office have actually validated to Springfield Leakages that they are examining the incident. When we connected to Sangamon County Constable, Jack Campbell, he informed us, “The Sangamon County Constable’s Office is included in a Riverton case, nevertheless, at this time we can not elaborate.”

Riverton Chief of Police, Jim Lawley, was gotten in touch with for comment, and he told us, “We do not discuss ongoing personnel matters.”

A telephone call and text was left for Village of Riverton Mayor, Tom Rader, but we did not get a reaction back.

Riverton City Attorney, Don Craven, was likewise called about the examination, but he advised us, too, that nobody from the Village of Riverton will be commenting due to this being a personnel matter.

Springfield Leaks can validate Officer Peterson is under criminal investigation, it wasn’t right away clear if Officer Langan will be pursued for criminal charges as well.

At this time, we aren’t able to verify Officer Peterson or Officer Langan’s status with the Riverton Cops Department due to Riverton, Illinois officials classifying this as a “personnel matter.”

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for more updates to this story.